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= Tapestry PMC =

The Tapestry PMC has voted in a new committer, Igor Drobiazko.

= Tapestry 3 =

Jesse Kuhnert has been performing maintenance work on this release, adding performance improvements.

= Tapestry 4.1 =

Andreas Andreou has updated the tapestry-archetype to use the latest tapestry 4 versions and has included several enhancements suggested by the community. Together with Marcus Schulte they've fixed some minor bugs and a new 4.1.6 release should be expected soon.

= Tapestry 5 =

Two releases have occurred: 5.0.11 and 5.0.13 (5.0.12 was voted down due to a significant bug). Some minor work still remains before 5.0.14, which
will likely be the release candidate.