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== Tapestry Project -- June 2006 Board Report ==
Most of the TLP move work has been completed to move Tapestry out of Jakarta and on to the new subdomain http://tapestry.apache.org. Tapestry4/5 now both use maven2 to build/deploy web site updates.

Tapestry4.1 progress has continued to pick up pace. Snapshot builds are beginning to be released into the maven2 snapshot repo. Plans are also being formed to beef up/clean up the current set of documentation for the 4.X series of releases in order to help fill in any missing gaps. Maven2 has been incredibly helpful in this regard.

=== New sub-project structure ===
The top level http://tapestry.apache.org site now works in a similar way to that of http://tomcat.apache.org, in that each series of tapestry releases has their own core web sites/documentation sets to go along with them. The sub-project sites are currently made up of 3.X/4.0/4.1/5. The tapestry4.1 site should be the new home of any new documentation efforts for the 4.1 series.

=== New testing structure ===
With the conversion of maven2 it has also been decided that Tapestry should now start using [[http://testng.org|TestNG]] for unit testing as it hosts a very impressive set of features that go beyond those provided via Junit. To better facilitate a clear path for tapestry users to test their own Tapestry applications it is also planned that a new tapestry-testing release/web site series will be created to document/host all of the testing infrastructure that has thus far not been visible to the public at large.

The 4.1 series will also be using the dojo toolkits JavaScript based testing infrastructure to test core functionality provided, when possible. This comes in the form of a new library developed by Jesse Kuhnert that bundles up the mozilla rhino runtime plus JUM/jsunit in order to write test cases in JavaScript outside the confines of the dojo build system.