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= Tapestry Project -- May 2006 Board Report =

New committers Brian, Andreas and Jesse continue to attack the bug list and missing documentation. Another round of bug fixes for the Tapestry 3 and Tapestry 4 branches are (or near) ready for release.

Kent Tong has finally gotten Subversion access.

Committers now have proper access via SVN.

A new Tapestry logo has been created and will debut on the revised project web page, once that is available.

Howard Lewis Ship has been working on the Tapestry 5 code base.

Tapestry 4.1 development progress coming along smoothly, featuring improved integration with the Dojo JavaScript toolkit. Expecting to be ready for an alpha release by end of May.

Infrastructure has set up a blank tapestry.apache.org web site, ready to be populated, as well as setting up the new Tapestry mailing lists.
Still to be done: moving the wiki to the new domain.