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== Organization ==

The Tapestry PMC has voted in another new member, Dan Adams, who expects to concentrate on Tapestry 5 development.

Howard Lewis Ship finally figured out how to properly administer messages to the Tapestry private mailing list, which has really streamlined the process of adding new users.

== Tapestry 4.1 ==

Tapestry 4.1 has continued to stabilize and evolve, with new 4.1.3 release now available. The upcoming 4.1.4 release should continue to provide more bug fixes / performance improvements / new components and !JavaScript based widgets.

It is expected that Tapestry 4 development will continue for some time but mostly be concentrated around minor improvements and bug fixes - until more of the core T4 developers have had time to transition over to Tapestry 5. The Tapestry 5 Ajax features being finalized will
accelerate this process.

==== OGNL ====

The OGNL release cycle has now more or less started to mirror the Tapestry 4 release cycle, so the same sorts of things have been happening there as in Tapestry 4. Tons of bug fixes / performance improvements and the addition of java 5 support (besides one varargs bug) have also silently made their way in to the last 2.7.1 release of OGNL.

It was suggested on the Struts dev list a while back that it might be nice to have OGNL moved in to the ASF to make it easier for more project developers to participate. It was suggested that the decision would have to be made by the controllers of !OpenSymphony (who currently store
the source), but the idea has merit. Not sure what - if any - other interest there is in moving OGNL into the ASF, so it looks like that concept is dead in the water unless someone else more motivated speaks up.

==== JavaScript ====

Several changes on the way !JavaScript is used by Tapestry have been made. These allow users to integrate their preferred !JavaScript/Ajax library in place of the one provided (Dojo Toolkit).

== Tapestry 5 ==

Tapestry 5 progress is still a bit slow, but has picked up just in the last couple of weeks, and is expected to return to a reasonably brisk pace shortly. However, the road map has been extended out as the Ajax features are still missing (partly from debate over which Ajax framework to embrace).

== New Snapshot build / documentation process ==

Nightly builds (via a Maven snapshot repository) and documentation (at http://tapestry.formos.com/nightly/tapestry5) are now available for Tapestry 5. The goal here is to publish snapshot versions of both software and documentation, so as
to keep the main Apache site consistent with the latest stable releases -- this was getting to be a problem, with documentation on the main web site "ahead" of the latest non-snapshot releases.

It is expected that Tapestry 4 will also eventually use this resource as well.