[Apache Mentoring Programme] JavaScript-only PDF Viewer Component


JavaScript-only PDF viewer component


Charitha Madusanka Elvitigala



Proposal Title:

JavaScript-only PDF viewer component

Full Name:

Charitha Madusanka

Apache Project:


Name of Mentor:

Ulrich Stärk

Start Date:

01st of August 2010

Mid-term Evaluation Date:

15th of September 2010

End Date:

30th of October 2010


JavaScript-only PDF viewer component for Tapestry 5

Detailed Description:

To render PDF into images I will plane to use java2D. Javaswinglabs provide PDF rendering library called Java PDF render (https://pdf-renderer.dev.java.net/). This library has a class called PDFRenderer (https://pdf-renderer.dev.java.net/nonav/demos/latest/javadoc/index.html) and it turns a set of PDF Commands from a PDF page into an image. I will do render the document pages-by-page, then contents shown to the user. This method is more efficient and accurate. Ajax is used to load the content asynchronously.

Project Plan:

Step 1: Initial Planning and Starting Implementation

I will make a rough design and start working on the code.

Step 2: Do the Implementation Continually

I would work on the rest of code. Deliverable(s): mid evaluation.

Step 3: Improvements and Testing

Modifications or improvements suggested at the mid evaluation would be completed in this step. Start to test component.

Step 4: Final Product and Documents

With the completion of this step, will finish JavaScript-only PDF viewer component for T5. Necessary documents would also be present with the final products. Deliverable(s): Final product and documentation.

About Mentoring Programme:

I am so confident that I can deliver a great contribution to the open source community through the participation of mentoring program. And also it would be a great opportunity to students to elicit and present their talents.

Number of Hours:

20 hours per week


I am Charitha Madusaka Elvitigala Computer Science undergraduate (3rd year) of University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), Sri Lanka. I have been involved in Open Source development regarding Web Services based on Apache Tapestry, axis2 and I have experience more with javaEE and Java Script.

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