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 * TapestryTutorials: Places to bootstrap your Tapestry experience.

Welcome to the Jakarta Tapestry Wiki

attachment:Tapestry-Banner.png This wiki is part of the [wiki:ApacheGeneral:FrontPage big Apache Wiki Farm].

Tapestry is a powerful, innovative and increasingly popular open-source web application framework. This wiki exists to supplement the documentation available on the [http://jakarta.apache.org/tapestry/ Tapestry home page]. It contains FAQs, helpful tips, and ongoing discussions about the future directions of Tapestry.

Users are encouraged to edit the pages of this Wiki. There is HelpForBeginners and there's a WikiSandBox for you to use when learning the Wiki syntax. Please don't test your Wiki chops on real pages!

Tapestry Subject Areas

Sample Applications

Tapestry IDE Support

  • [http://spindle.sourceforge.net/ Spindle]: Geoff Longman's Spindle is an Eclipse plugin for Tapestry. Among other features, this plugin checks for consistency between your .page files and the associated .html templates. Spindle also supports [http://groovestry.sourceforge.net/ Groovestry], a project that integrates the Groovy scripting language and the Tapestry web application framework.

  • [http://www.mjhenderson.com/updates/ Tapestry Palette]: Michael Henderson's Palette Plug-in works in conjuction with Spindle. The Palette consists of a tree of Tapestry components, organized by namespace. Selecting a component in the tree displays a summary in the lower part of the view showing the component description and listing required and optional parameters along with their descriptions.

Tapestry 3.1

The final version of Tapestry 3.0 has been released, so it's time to focus on the future!

  • ["Tapestry31"]: High-level goals and planning for Tapestry 3.1
  • Tapestry31Status: What's up in Tapestry 3.1 at the moment.

  • ChangeProposals: More details discussions of new features for Tapestry 3.1 and beyond.

Powered By Tapestry

Images to use in your web application to say, with pride, that you work with Tapestry:

Development Procedures

'Special' Wiki pages

  • TitleIndex: A list of all pages on this wiki.

  • HelpContents: A basic guide to the MoinMoin wiki (including information about wiki syntax).

  • WordIndex: A list of all the words that appear in the titles of the pages on this wiki, with links to pages that include that word.

  • FindPage: A full-text search of the wiki.

  • WantedPages: All the "broken links" -- a list of all the pages on this wiki that are linked to, but do not exist.

  • OrphanedPages: All pages on this wiki that are not linked to from anywhere else (and are thus very hard to reach).

  • RandomPage: Generates a list of 75 random pages on this wiki.

  • PageSize: Generates a graph and some statistics about the sizes of pages on this wiki.

  • EventStats/HitCounts: Generates a graph of page views and page visits.

  • EventStats/UserAgents: Generates a graph of the web browsers used in visiting this page.

  • SystemInformation: Shows basic information about this wiki installation, the extensions it has installed, etc.

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