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= Miscellaneous =

 * [[BoardReports|Board Reports]]

Welcome to the Tapestry Wiki


Tapestry is a component oriented framework for creating dynamic, robust, highly scalable web applications in Java. This wiki exists to supplement the documentation available on the Tapestry home page. It contains FAQs, helpful tips, and ongoing discussions about the future directions of Tapestry.

Users are encouraged to edit the pages of this Wiki. Due to constant spamming, editing the FrontPage is restricted to genuine users though. If you want to edit this page just drop a note with your wiki username to the developer mailing list dev -at- tapestry.apache.org and we will add you to the ContributorsGroup. You don't need to subscribe for this.

There is HelpForBeginners and there's a WikiSandBox for you to use when learning the Wiki syntax. Please don't test your Wiki chops on real pages!

WARNING: Tapestry versions 3, 4 and 5 are significantly different. When reading the pages below, be sure they apply to the version you are using. In general, unless the page name contains "Tapestry5" you will probably find more current information at http://tapestry.apache.org rather than here.

General Topics

Sample Applications and Tutorials

Tapestry IDE Support

  • Tapestry 5: Work is currently underway on a major new Eclipse plugin, TapestryTools (by Gavin Lei, Google Summer of Code 2011), that builds on Eclipse Web Tools Platform.

  • Tapestry 5: IntelliJ IDEA 10 now includes built-in support for Tapestry 5.

  • Tapestry 5: Loom is a plugin for Eclipse aiming to simplify the usage of tapestry5 and wicket in Eclipse.

  • Tapestry 5: Tapestry5JSPEditorEclipse: How to use the built in JSP Eclipse Editor and a custom tld file to get code completion in Eclipse 3.4+ and Tapestry5

  • Tapestry 4: HowToSetupEclipseWtp: Once setup correctly WTP is easy to use, however it can be a real pain to setup a new Tapestry project in WTP. This document exists to so that new users can setup WTP without hours of troubleshooting and experienced users don't forget anything.

  • Tapestry 4: IdeaProjectFiles: Project descriptors (.ipr, .iml) to open tapestry source code as an IDEA project.

  • Tapestry 3: Spindle: Geoff Longman's Eclipse plugin for Tapestry 3.

  • Tapestry 3: Tapestry Palette: Michael Henderson's Palette Plug-in works in conjunction with Spindle.

Tapestry 5 Topics

* Tapestry5HowTos: Tips and Tricks on T5

* Tapestry5ModuleRegistry: contributed modules, demos, and tutorials

* Tapestry5Roadmap: historical information on some original design goals for Tapestry 5.0.

Tapestry 4 Topics

Tapestry Site

Contains information related to building/maintaining the top level project site at http://tapestry.apache.org.

  • TapestrySite: Building/deploying tapestry web site with maven2.

Development Procedures

About This Wiki

  • TitleIndex: A list of all pages on this wiki.

  • HelpContents: A basic guide to the MoinMoin wiki (including information about wiki syntax).

  • WordIndex: A list of all the words that appear in the titles of the pages on this wiki, with links to pages that include that word.

  • FindPage: A full-text search of the wiki.

  • WantedPages: All the "broken links" -- a list of all the pages on this wiki that are linked to, but do not exist.

  • OrphanedPages: All pages on this wiki that are not linked to from anywhere else (and are thus very hard to reach).

  • PageSize: Generates a graph and some statistics about the sizes of pages on this wiki.

  • EventStats/HitCounts: Generates a graph of page views and page visits.

  • EventStats/UserAgents: Generates a graph of the web browsers used in visiting this page.

  • SystemInformation: Shows basic information about this wiki installation, the extensions it has installed, etc.

This wiki is part of the big Apache Wiki Farm

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