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Tapestry is a powerful, innovative and increasingly popular open-source web application framework. This wiki exists to supplement the documentation available on the Tapestry home page. It contains FAQs, helpful tips, and ongoing discussions about the future directions of Tapestry.

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Tapestry Subject Areas

Sample Applications

Tapestry IDE Support

Tapestry 4.0

The final version of Tapestry 3.0 has been released, so it's time to focus on the future!

Note: Originally, the release number was to be 3.1, but the changes have become so dramatic that the number was changed to 4.0. Wiki pages are awkward to rename.

Tapestry 4.1

The next release of tapestry will build upon the innovations made in 4.0 to help tighten up the framework even more as well as introduce a number of innovative features for the future of tapestry.

Tapestry 5

The next generation of tapestry applications with some fairly heavy design changes that should keep tapestry nimble and strong for the foreseeable future.

* Tapestry5Roadmap: High level overview of some of the design goals for version 5.0 of tapestry.

* Tapestry5HowTos: Tips and Tricks on T5

* Tapestry5Migration: Help and examples for migrating from Tapestry4 to Tapestry5

* Tapestry5ModuleRegistry

Tapestry Site

Contains information related to building/maintaining the new top level project site at http://tapestry.apache.org.

Board Reports

This area is used by the Tapestry PMC to prepare board reports to the Apache Software Foundation board.

* BoardReportApril2006: Report for April 2006

* BoardReportMay2006: Report for May 2006

* BoardReportJune2006: Report for June 2006

* BoardReportOctober2006: Report for October 2006

* BoardReportJanuary2007: Report for January 2007

* BoardReportApril2007

* BoardReportJuly2007

* BoardReportOctober2007

* BoardReportJanuary2008

* BoardReportApril2008

* BoardReportJuly2008

* BoardReportOctober2008

* BoardReportJanuary2009

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Development Procedures

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