One of the most frequently asked questions about Tapestry is: 'What sites are actually running on Tapestry?'

This is a tricky question to answer; unlike a for-pay company that sells software licenses, we have only a vague idea of our full user base. Further, as an Apache product, we don't even have a clear idea of the number of software downloads (there are so many independent mirrors).

This page is an attempt to answer those questions; Tapestry users are encouraged to update this page. List the details about your project ... and hopefully dive a little deeper on the SuccessStories page.

It is recommended to add new sites to the top of the list then they are easy to find!

SwifTec Canada

The site provides an easy way for Canadians to get their iPhones, iPods and Macs repaired. The site is built with Tapestry 5.3, Tapestry-jQuery, Spring and Hibernate and runs on Linux and MySQL. I have also built several other internal, education oriented apps in Tapestry 5. I blog at

This website (containing mountainbike tracks in Austria) was originally a php-powered site. Because the whole preprocessing was already Java code we decided to port the site to the new Tapestry5. The whole tapestry-code was written in Groovy - this makes the tapestry development even better.

Digital Art Gallery

The website contains pictures and photos of professional digital artists. I scan homepages of digital artists all over the world for interesting artworks and publish the best ones on the site. Also, I developed web applications with HTML5 features support – Slideshow Player and Desktop Wallpaper Tool that I think could be useful to you. It is build upon Tapestry 5, Hibernate and PostgreSQL.

I also developed many other projects with Tapestry 5 that you can find on my homepage


Wooki (contraction of wiki and book) is a collaborative writing tool. It is under Apache 2 License and all the sources are available at This tool aims to provide direct feebacks for authors who are publishing books with it and provide social features around document editing. It is build upon Tapestry 5 but also uses other technologies like Spring / Hibernate and provides multiple integration of jQuery javascript tooling in Tapestry 5.

Cubiculus provide large set of LEGO® building instructions, LEGO® set reference and other LEGO® related informations. Registered users can treck their LEGO® collections. All that informations are available via public REST interface.


Yanomo is an online time and project management tool that combines collaboration and financial tracking. It allows you to manage your projects, to-do's, teams, budgets, timelines and time recording. The website is powered by Tapestry 5.2, Spring and Hibernate.


Full Service Logistics, third Party Billing and Pallet Management. The site is powered by T5.


pageSMS is a web instant messenger (or chat) that can easily be included into every web page. Once integrated the users of a side can see and communicate with each other. The site is powered by T5.

SeeSaw is a Video On Demand site aimed at the UK market. It is browsable from outside the UK but you can't watch the video :(.

The site is running Tapestry 5 and hopefully will provide a good reference for a large scale site. The site is still in beta - but should be open to the general public shortly.

Pró Nutricionista

Pró Nutricionista is a website targeted at Brazilian nutritionists. They can have build their website, writing pages using the FCKeditor, and customizing colors, fonts and images. Pró Nutricionista also provides a discussion forum and social bookmarking (a Delicious clone). It is built on Tapestry 5, Hibernate, Spring and several open-source packages of the Ars Machina Project. It uses URL rewriting a lot: is a website built on Pró Nutricionista. Requests to this specific URL are first rewritten to then to, the URL Tapestry ultimately handles.,



Community sites for the Java J2EE and Microsoft .Net developer communities, with six - seven million hits per month.

Tapestry 3.0.3 + HiveMind 1.0. Developed by Howard Lewis Ship, Late summer to fall 2004 and in prodution since October 2004. Millions of hits per month.

Sorry, only in Italian. Site of Non Governative Organization which works for autodevelopment in countries of South World. It's a simple Content Management System which has made very easy for them to update the contents. Thanks to Tapestry, it's been a pleasure to develop it and improve it!

A Dodge, Kia, Hyundai dealer in Flowood, Mississippi USA using Tapestry, Slide (content management) Flash and Firebird 1.5.0 Database, Spring, Hibernate. Currently a Banner Advertising Platform is being added to this site which will also be a Tapestry solution. Tapestry is a great development tool. Also will have another Tapestry site up and running soon for a local Credit Union in Jackson, Mississippi. This solution will also have the ability to display the Credit Unions Templates in both English and Spanish.

Online seminar registration app at the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center

It is a very simple application that consists of just a couple of pages, but considering the input validation and i18n (English and Chinese) required, I wouldn't consider using anything other than Tapestry. In addition, it uses the Apache Digester and a custom Tapestry Engine class to load the list of seminars in an external XML file.

The app has been online for several months and has been rock solid.

Servprise International, Inc.

Tapestry 4.0 and Cayenne 1.2 are the key frameworks behind the Servprise Web site. We've used Tapestry 3 for internal projects in the past, but this app marks our first public use of Tapestry. Tapestry 4 helped us get the Web site out the door quickly and makes ongoing modifications easy to manage. Given that we enjoy an international market, we will be making use of Tapestry's easy-to-use i18n support in the near future.

Servprise International makes products to service the enterprise IT market. The aforementioned Web site handles general business Web site tasks and dual functions as an e-commerce site. The use of Hivemind services allowed us to independently write and test shipping and payment provider integration modules that we were able to easily wire into the Web app. In summary, the combo of Hivemind and Tapestry 4.0 was an all around win for us.

Titan Magazines

We're a publishing business based in the UK. We produce a number of titles that are licensed from third-party licensors and as such we have strict procedures on what can be placed on our website. To this end, we levered Tapestry's HTML template approach to ensure that the pages that we send for licensor approval will exactly match what is on the web. The component-based architecture also allowed much code re-use and consequently a swift development time.

Brother Internacional de Mexico


Site for Brother Internacional de Mexico

OpenCMS 5 + Tapestry 3.0.3 + Hibernate 2. Developed by LegoSoft.


Though not viewable to the public in general, tapestry is being used in a large hospital medical records enterprise system. The intuitive design and reusable(not a buzzword, components really are re-usable) nature of tapestry components has made deploying and fixing bugs in our product easier than anything we have done thus far.

The combination of tapestry & hivemind has made the framework the ideal choice for us. Flexible configuration via hivemind (or Spring if you prefer) has made testing and quality of code that much better.

Ping Identity - PingFederate 3.0


We released PingFederate 3.0 which was built entirely on top of Tapestry. We used Tapestry to build the Admin Interface to PingFederate. PingFederate is an enterprise-grade identity federation (SAML) server for organizations that require a flexible and cost-effective way to integrate, manage, and secure disparate users and applications across internal and external security domains. It provides authentication, attribute, and authorization portability across autonomous security domains. It features a GUI administration tool, built-in key management, SSL and signing certificates, built-in JDBC and LDAPv3 adaptors for advanced attribute management, setup wizards, online help, a user manual, an SDK, and a demo.

It is a commercial product, but the first 100,000 transactions are free.

[ATTACH] is a ship tracking network based on ship position data which we get directly from the AIS (Automatic Identification System) transponders aboard the ships. The whole system is based on Java EE 5 / EJB 3. For the web front end we are using tapestry 4.

A completely custom-written wiki for creating game strategy guides using a rich set of editing tools. Created with Tapestry 4/Hivemind/Hibernate.

Australian Poultry Breeders Directory

An Australian directory for pure breed poultry breeders and people looking for poultry. Uses Tapestry 4.0, Cayenne and Postgresql. Allows breeder login to protect private information and a flexible user search option. is an online real estate service dedicated to helping you get an edge in real estate by providing you with valuable tools and information. We provide free home valuations for over 60 million homes in the United States. We are based on Tapestry 4.0, HiveMind, and Spring.

Diphy - Digital Philately

An online community of philatelists dedicated to exploiting the advantages of the digital medium. The main focus of the community is to build a public domain online stamp catalogue. We are based on Tapestry, Spring and Hibernate.

Church and People

A web site that provides churches with community building and administration tools. It includes online event registration, credit card processing, resource management, membership directories, private forums, an event calendar, e-mail tools, and more. The Church and People application works with a church's existing web site and accounting package, rather than trying to replace them.

The application is built 100% on top of Tapestry with Hibernate, JasperReports, and MySQL. Please note that the public marketing web site is built with a content management system (not Tapestry based). If any Tapestry users or potential users want to try out the application rather than just look at the screenshots, send me an e-mail at and I'll create a trial account for you.


A photographer's best friend. For photographers who wish to publish their pictures and sell them online, we have created this picture management, web page creation and order management web site. A free account can be opened to test features. Paid subscribers get much more space, and assistance if need be.

The application is built on Tapestry with the help of Spring, Hibernate, MySQL as the database, JAI for image manipulation. The layered approach has allowed us to divide the application at one point into two different applications (front and back office) and to create a child application in less than a week, Pictotron. The upload of images is handled by http, and we've made a REST api and a java client application to interact with the application. It runs on Tapestry 3, so friendly urls had to be made by hand, using url-rewrite. Probably the easiest application to maintain and build upon I've had in many years, certainly thanks to Tapestry. And internationalisation has been a pleasure (site in French and English).


For family and friends pictures. A flickr-like application made in just a week from Instantpict code base.

PowerSteering Software, Inc.

Not publically available, but Tapestry is used in PowerSteering Enterprise, which is on-demand, enterprise-scale software for Lean Project and Portfolio Management.

ReadyRickshaw, Inc.



We've set up this site to let programmers buy and sell bits of code. We just recently (early 2007) opened for business, so any comments are welcome, and it's currently free to post your code. We're using Tapestry+Spring+Hibernate+Jetty and looking forward to T5...


JABS is a web based command scheduler and execution system. This project started as a Tapestry 3 application. But, it was soon upgraded to Tapestry 4 + Tacos 4 for AJAX support. It has since been upgraded to Tapestry 4.1.5 + Tacos 4.1.2. The application is available pre-bundled with a Tomcat 5.5 server and is basically ready to run. Just install JDK 1.5 or above and your ready to go.


mvnPublish is developed on the Tapestry 4.1.6 and you can try it online at

mvnPublish is an online news publishing system. It is the solution of managing and publishing content in form of articles. It is integrated with mvnForum, one of the best Java forums and is developed basing on latest Java and XML technologies.

What's mvnPublish for? Create your online magazine, newspaper ... It works also as a Content Management System that is easy to install and manage without having to FTP upload your pages every time you need to update it.

Free OA System

We use Tapestry4.1 to build our free OA system.The project started as a Tapestry 3 application.Now we had upgrade to Tapestry4 .

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