This page describes how to use the Tapestry5 library tapestry5-acegi found at It aids to help initialize Acegi Security and all it's dependencies. There is also an example application available at

This page assumes the use is using maven to control it's project.

First, you need to add the correct dependencies to your pom.xml file. This example assumes version 1.0, however, check the website, as there might be new versions available.


We also need to add the remote repository.


All configuration symbols provided by tapestry5-acegi can be overriden using the usual Tapestry methods. In this example we change the default password encoder and the url called when we failed to login.

public static void contributeApplicationDefaults(MappedConfiguration<String, String> configuration)
    configuration.add("acegi.failure.url", "/loginpage/failed");
    configuration.add("acegi.password.encoder", "org.acegisecurity.providers.encoding.Md5PasswordEncoder");

We also need some sort of authentication provider, most likely you will be using daoAuthenticationManager which can be used like this.

public static void bind(ServiceBinder binder) {
    binder.bind(UserDetailsService.class, UserDetailsServiceImpl.class);
public static UserDetailsService buildUserDetailsService(Session session) {
    return new UserDetailsServiceImpl(session);
public static void contributeProviderManager(
        OrderedConfiguration<AuthenticationProvider> configuration,
        @InjectService("DaoAuthenticationProvider") AuthenticationProvider daoAuthenticationProvider) {
    configuration.add("daoAuthenticationProvider", daoAuthenticationProvider);

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