The default value for error messages is "You must correct the following errors before you may continue.". In case you want to override it, use the following approach offered by Ulrich Stärk in his email on July 2: "Create a directory org/apache/tapestry5/corelib/components/ in your source directory and place an file there. If you also want to override the default validation messages place a file in org/apache/tapestry5/internal/, for example:"


default-banner=You must correct the following errors before you may continue.

To internationalize (to German):

default-banner=Sie m\u00fcssen folgende Fehler beheben, bevor Sie fortfahren k\u00f6nnen.

required=You must provide a value for %s.
minimum-string-length=You must provide at least %d characters for %s.
maximum-string-length=You may provide at most %d characters for %s.
min-integer=%2$s requires a value of at least %1$d.
max-integer=%2$s requires a value no larger than %1$d.
integer-format-exception=The input value '%s' is not parseable as an integer value.
number-format-exception=The input value '%s' is not parseable as a numeric value.

required=Sie m\u00fcssen einen Wert f\u00fcr %s angeben.
minimum-string-length=%2$s muss mindestens %1$d Zeichen lang sein.
maximum-string-length=%2$s darf h\u00f6chstens %1$d Zeichen lang sein.
min-integer=%2$s muss mindestens %1$d gro\u00df sein.
max-integer=%2$s darf nicht gr\u00f6\u00dfer als %1$d sein.

# This is where the translator messages go.
integer-format-exception=Die Eingabe '%s' kann nicht in einen ganzzahligen Wert gewandelt werden.
number-format-exception=Die Eingabe '%s' kann nicht in einen numerischen Wert gewandelt werden.

# The label/alt text for the icon that is displayed next to each field.

Please note: The original page was written about an early version of Tapestry5 where the package started org/apache/tapestry. Since then, this package was renamed to org/apache/tapestry5.

Please also note: tapestry-core-5.0.18.jar contains property files in Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Croatian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (for Brazil and Portugal), Russian, Swedish and Chinese.

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