Eclipse 3.5.2 (Galileo), Jetty Runner 1.1.0, running with Jetty 7 option.

This guide tells you how to turn off memory mapping for Windows which causes file locking stopping you from editing static files when in development when using the excellent JettyRunner (http://itguides.googlecode.com).

When using Jetty Runner the plugin will create jetty.xml files for you under /etc when you launch your webapp.

  1. Extract out the webdefault.xml file from the Jetty distro and copy into the /etc file alongside the jetty.xml files
  2. Open the jetty-[n].xml &/or jetty-[n]-ssl.xml files

  3. Locate the <New id="WebAppContext"> element and add the following <Set> element under it:

  4. Save the files.

Now on startup the webdefault.xml file will be read first and static files should now be editable while the app is running.

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