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 * [[http://tapestry.formos.com/wiki/display/T5IDEINT/Eclipse+(including+Maven)|Start on eclipse with Maven, Jetty and Tapestry quickstart project]]
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 * [[http://tapestry.apache.org/getting-started.html|The Maven archetype that creates an example project]]  * [[http://tapestry.apache.org/getting-started.html|Getting Started (using the Maven Archetype)]]
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 * [[http://tapestry.apache.org/tapestry5/screencast.html|Howard's screencasts]]
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 * [[http://www.troymaxventures.com/2008/05/tapestry5-netbeans-quickstart.html|Using Netbeans and !GlassFish]]
 * [[http://www.troymaxventures.com/2009/05/rad-w-tapestry-5-netbeans-67-maven-and.html|Setting up NetBeans, Maven, Jetty for live class and template reloading]]
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 * [[http://www.pmdit.se/blog/2008/04/03/tapestry_5_and_gwt_part_1.html|Tapestry 5 and GWT]] [[http://www.pmdit.se/blog/2008/04/08/tapestry_5_and_gwt_part_2.html|Part 2]]
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=== Adobe Flash ===
 * [[http://knol.google.com/k/toby-hobson/tapestry-5-flash-integration/|Adobe Flash Integration]] - Explains how to create reusable Tapestry components which render swf's
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 * [[http://tapestry5.ideascale.com|Tapestry 5 Cafe (Post your new ideas here. Check out other people's ideas and vote on the ones you like best. Talk about ideas.)]]

How to get started

In order to quickly get up to speed on Tapestry 5, there are numerous information sources besides this Wiki available:

Preparing your development environment


Code snippets


Select Components

Inversion of Control (IOC)

Binding Prefixes

Bindings are used in templates ${message:myMessageKey} or as attribute to components <t:mycomponent value="literal:Hello world"/> to access message in resource bundles, properties, pass String literals and many more. The following pages explain how to write your own bindings.


Streaming Data

Integration with other frameworks




Google Web Toolkit (GWT)



Security is the condition of being protected against danger, loss, and criminals.


Bug workarounds / patches

Meta info

Coding traps

How to contribute


Chris Lewis mentioned Tapestry's IRC: #tapestry AT irc.freenode.net: "There's usually 5 ~ 8 of us in there, and we work/talk about Tapestry."

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