This page describes the processes involved in building various facets of the Maven-generated content.

Note: The web site is now primarily generated from an export of the Confluence wiki, rather than via Maven. Currently only the Component Reference and API (Javadoc) pages are generated using Maven.


You will need to grab a current version of Maven and install it. This should be pretty straightforward following the maven instructions.

Top Level Site

To build the top level project site you will need to checkout the tapestry-site project from svn.

This project should hold nothing but documentation for the core site, as well as our custom Maven documentation theme skin which is under the sub directory maven-skin.

Building Site

For the most part this is all you need to do:

Building Maven Skin

Before you can build the actual site you need to have the tapestry skin plugin installed. It is intended that this will be released officially at some point so that people don't need to do this, but for now you need to do the following:

cd maven-skin; mvn install;

That's it!


The core site and anything that requires authentication will need a username at a minimum from you in order to be deployable. With Maven this is done via a settings.xml configuration file that is local to your machine only. If you are on a linux box it should be placed in ~/.m2/settings.xml.

Here is a sample settings.xml, you will need to make your server id match the name of tapestry if you want it to get picked up by the build.


Note that if your private key is in a non-standard location, add (in the server tag)


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