NOTE: This is outdated information that applies only to Tapestry 4

Webapp Deployment

Tapestry is quite easy to deploy, but there are a few things that can cause trouble.

Location of Jars

You need to deploy your webapp with Tapestry JARs and HiveMind JARs. You may put these in either the /shared/lib or WEB-INF/lib folder.

Do not put HiveMind in /shared/lib and Tapestry in WEB-INF/lib. Keep the JARs in the same folder, whichever you choose. Otherwise you will get a "ClassNotFoundException" in AppServlet.init()

This is due to Tapestry relying on HiveMind for loading localised messages. Since the two will be in different classloaders, HiveMind will not be able to load the TapestryString2 resource bundle.

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