Rivet 2.1.0

I take for granted that next release of Rivet will be numbered 2.1.0. This is to mark the dropping of tcl 8.4 support and the introduction of new features or modification that could break existing applications.

DONE in svn 'trunk'

  1. Configuration defaults moved from C code into configure.ac. Documentation now reflects this fact (status: done and committed in trunk)

  2. New configuration directive ServerInitScript creates an interpreter after the configuration has been parsed and its internal representation built, but before children are forked.(status: done)

  3. Rivet commands put into ::Rivet namespace. Commands are by default put on the namespace export list, so that existing applications should work just by adding a 'namespace import ::Rivet::*' in a initialization script. This behavior can changed when building Rivet passing to 'configure' the switch --disable-import-rivet-command and --disable-rivet-command-export (status: done)

  4. Dropping Apache 1.x support.(status: done)

  5. #52653: load_responses has side effect to set dest(<var>) on multiple occurences of var

  6. #53396: Tests don't run on Solaris (id command has different output format)


many of thes bugfixes should target also the code in branches/2.0 for a new 2.0.6 release


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