Friends, take heart to run, need to have a certain artistic quality. Not talking about religion, but a personal experience. A friend, and both male and female friends, not too seriously or it will feel much pressure will be your attention to pressure the breathless, but not so negligent, too negligent, may not be linked . Some friends, if you focus too much on him, let him feel the pay you this friend very tired, because you focus too much on him, let him feel the pressure, but also make their own have been very hard. Whether between friends, between lovers, or, on the other side of emotion, certainly not equal. There will always be a party to pay more, but often pay more vulnerable party. So, now often live in a time when friends would caution themselves to control their pay, which would allow themselves and their friends from harm. So I would not be forced others to try not to pressure others. Life, not all people can become friends. Everyone has their own attitude towards life, honest way, taste preferences and personality traits, choose friends have their own standards and conditions. The principle of my friends is the pursuit of spiritual communication. I often think of people living in the world, is inseparable from friendship, mutual aid can not be separated, can not do without care, can not do without support. Friends encounter difficulties and frustrations, if extended a helping hand, helping each other survive, overcome difficulties and useful than giving more expensive gifts, but also much more reliable. Both as a friend, it means a mutual commitment to solve problems, joy and common obligations. But if the short, lasting friendships can always keep. Get along with friends is often unintentional injury, help is sincere and forget those unintentional injuries; bear in mind that you truly want to help, you will find in this world you have many true friends ... ... in their daily lives, even the most to good Friends also have friction, we may separate due to the friction. But whenever the still of the night, we look to the sky, there will always see the past memories. Some trivial memories for my lonely soul tremendous shock! Is this feeling, I am more aware of the importance of my friends! Network is the same, too close a relationship becomes complicated, too far, they lost contact, not nearly far the best, can only feel each other's sincerity and friendship. Everyone has their own paradise party, friends, when you feel depressed, when you are discouraged, and when you feel when friends gradually indifferent, please cherish the friend sincere friendship, whether in friendship networks or in real life, friendship, much like air as water, not to lose valuable only when it is pain. I would like to never have many true friends, but I know this is not possible. Dispersion polymerization, should let it go and not be forced. Are my friends, will come to me, not my friend, also failed to keep the stay, if true to the Yi Gong and other times, not sad, but not too seriously too inflexible, and desolate gray Divide the decadent life side alone, swallowing, and then the quality of bright magnificent display to others, to experience life with a life that is. Because people do not live to pain, life is happy heart knowing each other. Each indifference are also hidden deep below the loneliness and longing. Everyone has their own pain and struggle of the spiritual path, but understanding each other because they understand their own understanding, harmony is the only physical remains does not vanish when you are tired smile. Miss each other, mutual care, mutual care and is a rare earth far the most emotional comfort is most difficult to let go of the truth between friends. Therefore, long-term coexistence between friends, it is precisely because of this interdependence between mind and understanding, the most important matter before life became lonely rich and profound. To have a friend, an intimate friend, they have a lifetime of emotional needs, friends such as food and clothing, such as the sun and the moon, such as their own shadow and the most lonely, whether ten thousand mile apart, friends will be predictable, Even then, relatively quietly, without saying a word, feel the rain is nourishing, calm the mind as a mirror, frame of mind like clouds. Treasure around every friendship, whether it is not already in the past, whether it would not be in the future. May not last forever, we may forget, may be alienating, but it never should be forgotten. It is a seed value, and will sprout in your heart, pumping leaf, flower, until the results. The fragrance that will blossom with your whole life ahead ... ... wholesale cheap puma shoes