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(THRIFT-99) Fix a bug.

[THRIFT-99] Fix a bug.


THRIFT-99. Fix a bug.

bryanduxbury (or the one immediately above this
dougcutting -- This is what all the other Apache projects I'm involved with use. It also adds fewer characters w/o sacrificing readability.

Fix a bug. (THRIFT-99)

Fix a bug. [THRIFT-99]

kballard -- like kclark, I have been using "lang: Fix a bug. [THRIFT-99]". I believe this is in order of importance of the components.

I don't care as long as we are consistent.

kclark -- I've been using "Fix a bug. [THRIFT-99]" for my last several hundred commits fwiw, and have also been prefixing with the language being patched (eg. rb:)

I don't care as long as we are INconsistent so I can figure out who committed the patch without looking at the log.