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= Installing the required packages on Debian and its derivates such as Ubuntu =

== Required packages ==

sudo apt-get install libboost-dev libboost-test-dev libboost-program-options-dev libevent-dev automake libtool flex bison pkg-config g++ libssl-dev

Then install the Java JDK of your choice. Type {{{javac}}} to see a list of available packages, pick the one you prefer and {{{apt-get install}}} it.

Debian Lenny Users need some packages from backports => {{{sudo apt-get -t lenny-backports install automake libboost-test-dev}}}

== Optional packages ==

Some other packages depend on what languages you want Thrift to support.
 1. For ruby, install {{{ruby-full ruby-dev librspec-ruby rake rubygems libdaemons-ruby libgemplugin-ruby mongrel}}}.
 1. For python, install {{{python-dev python-twisted}}}.
 1. For perl, install {{{libbit-vector-perl}}}.
 1. For php, install {{{php5-dev php5-cli}}}.
 1. For c_glib, install {{{libglib2.0-dev}}} (Debian Lenny Users => {{{sudo apt-get -t lenny-backports install libglib2.0-dev}}})
 1. For erlang, install {{{erlang-base erlang-eunit erlang-dev}}}
 1. For csharp, install {{{mono-gmcs libmono-dev libmono-system-web2.0-cil}}}
 1. For haskell, install {{{ghc6 cabal-install libghc6-binary-dev libghc6-network-dev libghc6-http-dev}}}
 1. For building ''Thrift Compiler for Windows'', install {{{mingw32 mingw32-binutils mingw32-runtime}}}

== Ubuntu 8.10 and configure ==

'''Note''' If you are using thrift from subversion/git after 2008-12-22, this issue is resolved.

Before [[https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/THRIFT-208|THRIFT-208]], Thrift's {{{configure}}} script assumes that {{{/bin/sh}}} is actually {{{/bin/bash}}}. Since on Ubuntu 8.10 {{{/bin/sh}}} is {{{/bin/dash}}}, the {{{configure}}} script fails.

There are two possible workarounds:

'''Workaround 1 (non invasive): '''
set the environment variable CONFIG_SHELL before running configure
$ CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash ./configure

'''workaround 2 (invasive):'''
symlink {{{/bin/sh}}} to {{{/bin/bash}}}
$ sudo ln -f -s /bin/bash /bin/sh
$ ./configure

== Unofficial packages ==
[[http://fluidinfo.com|Fluidinfo]] is providing unofficial packages for Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 through its [[https://launchpad.net/~txamqpteam/+archive|Launchpad PPA]]. If you want to build packages for the Debian-based distro of your choice, you can apply the latest patch at [[http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/THRIFT-71|THRIFT-71]].

== See also ==
For more information on the requirements see: ThriftRequirements

For more information on building and installing Thrift see: ThriftInstallation
Moved to http://thrift.apache.org/docs/install/

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