Python Indentation in Thrift

I think we should use two spaces

  1. dreiss
  2. MichaelGreene - PEP 8 is pretty flexible on even numbers of spaces. Even Guido uses 2 when he needs to conform to Google's style guide.

  3. BillFumerola - PEP 8 even says that 'consistency within a project is more important'. unless the php code must conform to the PECL specification, the C/C++ code to K&R style, etc.. in my opinion, project consistency is more desirable. if Apache has its own style specifications, that's another story and another vote.

  4. MarkSlee - Ditto.

  5. Upayavira - tabs are evil, four spaces spreads the code out too far. two spaces is just right. Not sure if I really have a say though!

I think we should use four spaces

  1. AlexanderShigin - python doesn't use bracers and sometimes it's confusing to determine where a code block ends if two spaces are used.

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