This document is a draft.

Any nontrivial patch or patch series submitted to Thrift (by a committer or contributor) must be tracked in a JIRA issue. There are two ways to associate a patch with an issue, though the second is currently only available to developers who have signed an ICLA (for legal reasons).

Attaching a patch directly to the issue

This is the standard Apache practice. Just attach your patch in the JIRA ticket. Be sure to check the box that allows your work to be distributed under the ASL. Also, be sure to indicate the following.

  1. What the base of your patch is. If you use svn diff, this should be obvious. If not, please say something like "this is a patch against release X."
  2. What order your patches should be applied in, if there is more than one.
  3. What would be an appropriate commit message for each patch. We could add a 'commit message' field to Thrift Jira issues for this, if you like. --DougCutting

Publishing a patch via Git

This method is currently only available to individuals who have an ICLA on file with Apache.

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