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 * [[ImageCaption | Getting Tika up and running for Computer Vision - Image Captioning]] - How to use Tika with Tensorflow for combining Computer Vision and NLP to automatically generate captions of images.


General Information

Contributing to the wiki

To help avoid spam, in common with many other ASF wikis, the Tika wiki is only editable by known accounts.

If you would like to help out with the Tika wiki, add a new page, or work on an existing one, please first create a wiki account. With that done, drop an email to the user list or the dev list with your wiki username asking for access, and generally within a few hours you'll be able to edit away from then on!

Committer Info

  • UsingGit - Information on Tika's configuration management using Git.

  • ReleaseProcess - Info on releasing Tika

  • ThirdPartySonaType - A guide to staging and deploying third party jars on Sonatype OSSRH (OSS Repository Hosting) for subsequent use within Tika parser wrappers

  • VirtualMachine - a virtual machine hosted by Rackspace that allows an instance of Tika Server to run for public testing. Set up by Tim Allison et al.

User Notes

MIME identification design/implementation

Advanced Content Extraction with Tika - Integration

Entity Recognition Support

Named Entity Recognition (NER) support

Object Recognition (Computer Vision) support



Language Translation

Statistical Machine Translation


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