Using ParseContext to Control Parsing

The ParseContext is used to configure parsing for a given file.

The general use is

parseContext.set(MyClass.class, new MyClass());
parser.parse(inputStream, contentHandler, metadata, parseContext);


The following uses apply to several parsers:

1. Handling embedded files

2. XMLParsing -- Users can send in their own XMLReader (StAX), SAXParser (SAX), SAXParserFactory (SAX) or DocumentBuilder (DOM). Parsers that use XML parsing will use these resources for XML parsing.

3. PasswordProvider -- If you know the password to password protected files, you can send in a PasswordProvider via the ParseContext.

4. ExecutorService -- For parsers that use an ExecutorService, users can pass in their own ExecutorService.

Parser Specific

1. HtmlParser

2. TesseractOcrParser

3. PDFParser

4. Microsoft Parser (as of Tika 1.15)

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