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[DIFF] 10:33 [INFO] RoseHosting [1-2] #01 removed extra bracket
#02 added our Tomcat services
[DIFF] 21:50 [INFO] CotySutherland Adding missing JASPIC section as it was implemented in tomcat 8.5
[DIFF] 20:37 [INFO] ChristopherSchultz
[DIFF] 22:46 [INFO] JamesLampert [1-4]
[DIFF] 20:48 [INFO] ChristopherSchultz
[DIFF] 21:45 [INFO] ChristopherSchultz Fix name/link for cronolog.
[DIFF] 11:55 [INFO] KonstantinKolinko Use HTTPS url for the image, so that Firefox (47.0.1) does not complain about an insecure page when accessing wiki with https://
[DIFF] 20:16 [INFO] KonstantinKolinko Correct DOCTYPE declaration example - it has to match the root element. See "Validity constraint: Root Element Type" in XML 1.0 spec (REC-xml-20081126). I am using this syntax in my server.xml files.

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