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[DIFF] 14:35 [INFO] ChristopherSchultz [1-2] #01 Add missing arrow. Fix italics.
#02 Fix typo
[DIFF] 17:33 [INFO] KonstantinKolinko [1-2] #01 Add a link to Agafua-syslog
#02 Move PicketLink Vault to a named section
[DIFF] 14:16 [INFO] KonstantinKolinko Add link to development pages at CWiki.
[DIFF] 18:24 [INFO] GarretWilson [1-3] #01 Made small adustments and clarification about request content encoding settings.
#02 Clarified legacy percent encoding of form submissions in HTML 4.01.
#03 Updated sections related to percent encoding charset of HTML form posts.
[DIFF] 08:25 [INFO] markt += GarretWilson
[DIFF] 17:39 [INFO] dblevins [1-2] #01 update description
#02 Add Tomitribe to the support list
[DIFF] 15:01 [INFO] ChristopherSchultz [1-2]

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