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 * [[Tomcat/WebDav_MsWebfolders]] MS webfolder issues and solutions  * [[../WebDav%MsWebfolders|Tomcat/WebDav%MsWebfolders]] MS webfolder issues and solutions
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 * [[Tomcat/WebDav_MsWebfoldersInfo]] MS webfolder Information  * [[../WebDav%MsWebfoldersInfo|Tomcat/WebDav%MsWebfoldersInfo]] MS webfolder Information


Tomcat comes prebundled with a WebDAV Level 2 servlet. To enable, add the following to web.xml:


  <!-- The following for read-write access -->



Of course, you can set the url-pattern to make the content editable from a different URL. Also, be sure to secure access appropriately to the editing URLs.

Webdav information and solutions


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