The idea is to have at least a day of Tomcat in the mean ApacheConNA10 track Additionally we will run BOFs or Meetups on one evening.

So something like (from the old

Summary of the whole Tomcat track:

Detailed session presentations:

Look to to see how to write a proposal.

Something like:



PRESENTER BIO. (Don't forget your email so that you can be contacted later).

mod_jk / mod_proxy and others: Front-ends of Tomcat Clusters.

By Jean-Frederic Clere:

New memory leak prevention and detection features in Tomcat 7

By Mark Thomas:

Becoming a Tomcat 7 super user

By Mark Thomas:

Quickstart guide to embedding Tomcat 7

By Mark Thomas:

Securing and managing your Tomcat installations

By Mladen Turk:

Running Tomcat Stand-alone on Port 80

By Jason Brittain [jason d0t brittain a+ gmail do+ com]:

Introduction to Apache Tomcat 7

By Tim Funk:

Tomcat 7 - Implementing a Servlet Container

By Damodar Chetty:

Tomcat Vital Component Deep Dive

By Damodar Chetty:

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