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Welcome to the Turbine Wiki

Welcome to the Turbine Project Wiki pages. Here you'll find documentation, FAQs, and other items for Turbine and all its subprojects.

This wiki is part of the big Apache Wiki Farm. You are invited to contribute to these pages. Due to excessive spamming, we were forced to limit access to the wiki. So if you want to contribute, just contact us with the name of your wiki account and we will be happy to give access to you.

What is Turbine?

Turbine is a servlet based framework that allows experienced Java developers to quickly build web applications. Turbine allows you to use personalize the web sites and to use user logins to restrict access to parts of your application.

The best place to get started with Turbine is to visit For questions you can browse or search the Turbine mailing list archive or post to an appropriate list.



To learn more about any of the projects below, please click on the appropriate link:

Future / Development


TLP Proposal


Official Websites

You might also want to visit the Turbine websites for the various projects for more information.

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