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 * [[BoardReport-November2016]] - Submission due by 9 November 2016
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 * [[BoardReport-November2016]] - Submission due by 9 November 2016  * [[BoardReport-February2017]] - Submission due by 8 February 2017

As part of the Apache Software Foundation we must report to the board about our activity. These reports are quarterly due and public. Reports are due in mid-August, November, February and May of each year.

Reports are normally written by the PMC Chair, with contributions from the PMC and community. Each quarter we draft the report on the Wiki. When the report is submitted to the board we usually move it to the Turbine website (http://turbine.apache.org/board-reports.html), though sometimes it sits here for a while. If you have a contribution that is to be considered private, please email it directly to the Turbine PMC (private AT turbine.apache.org).


Submitted Reports

Pending Reports

Board meetings take place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month - reports are required a week before that.

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