April 2007 Report to the Jakarta PMC - DRAFT


Activity in Turbine has picked up quite a bit lately. This has partly been driven by the ongoing discussions concerning the future of the Jakarta project, but also because a number of committers have expressed a desire to get things moving again. To this end we hope in the near future to vote on a proposal to become a top-level project (this report is part of our effort in this direction). All of the currently active committers appear to be in support of this - this includes a number of current Jakarta PMC members as well as a few ASF members. This is likely to proceed very soon and certainly well in advance of the next Jakarta PMC report to the board.

Other than this:

Community changes

Our most recently added committer is J├╝rgen Hoffmann (November 2006).

No new PMC members originating from within the Turbine community have been voted in in the recent past.

Turbine core project

No beta or final releases have been made in the recent past however a few people have been committing bug fixes and enhancements both to the trunk and 2.3 branches of the project. Discussion is underway concerning production of a 2.3.3 release and thought is being given to planning our approach to a 2.4 release some time in the future.

Fulcrum component project

No beta or final releases have been produced in the recent past, however quite a bit of activity has occurred adding functionality and synchronizing capabilities so as to ensure that the Fulcrum components in combination with the trunk of the Turbine core project provide all of the functionality that is currently delivered by the 2.3 release.

A release of one of the components (Yaafi) is currently being discussed with a view to proceeding in the near future.

Changes include but are not limited to improvements to localization support for a number of Turbine services. More is to come.

META project

No beta or final releases have been produced in the recent past.

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