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The information below still need to be validated

[[/TODO|TODO List]]: This link does not intend to replace Turbine 4.0M1 documentation and todo list page but Turbine 4.0M1 site does not exist yet. So the first thing to do will to create a Turbine 4.0M1 site! Then updated the documentation which is 2 years old!
[[/TODO|TODO List]]: See the [[http://turbine.apache.org/turbine/turbine-4.0-M1/index.html|Turbine 4.0-M1 Site]]
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[[/Migrate233|Migrate from Turbine 2.3.3]]: Step by step to the new configuration

TODO List: See the Turbine 4.0-M1 Site

Getting started: Getting and building current Version

Know the differences: What has changed between 2.3.2, 2.4M1 and 4.0M1 ? What you need to know before migration

Migrate from Turbine 2.3.3: Step by step to the new configuration

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