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February 2009 Board Report

The Apache Velocity project continues to have renewed momentum for what is essentially a mature product. The increased dev-list traffic reported last quarter continues, and we're now up to three engaged committers and several other regular contributors.

User list traffic remains steady with 1-2 messages per day, all answered quickly.

In December 2008 we released Velocity 1.6. This release added incremental features, syntax improvements, and extensive performance improvements. We followed up shortly thereafter with a bug fix release Velocity 1.6.1 in January 2009.

Velocity Tools released version 2.0-beta3 in December 2008. We anticipate a full 2.0 release in the coming quarter.

We have added one new committer, who has taken a very active role in testing, fixing bugs and moving us towards our next release.

The Velocity project currently has no board-level issues at this time.

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