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attachment:EnhydraVelocityDownload.zip [[attachment:EnhydraVelocityDownload.zip]]

This is a simple example of how Velocity may be used with Enhydra.

How to set-up:

1. Add the velocity jar and the velocity service classes ( see classes dir )

  • to your classpath. Optionally, you can add this info to the config.mk and start.in files of your application

2. Add the following line to your Enhydra application conf file:

  • velocity = "THE FULL PATH TO VELOCITY PROPERTIES FILE" Example: velocity = "/dave/enhydraApps/VelocityApplication/velocity.properties"

3. Set the path to your template directory in the velocity.properties file:

  • file.resource.loader.path = "FULL PATH TO THE TEMPLATES DIRECTORY" Example: file.resource.loader.path = /dave/enhydraApps/VelocityApplication/templates

Have fun...


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