Release Notes and Changes for the Velocity 1.5 release

This release is a drop-in replacement for earlier versions of Velocity. No changes to your application should be required. The only exception is that several of the dependent JAR libraries have been upgraded and a requirement for Commons Lang has been added. See the section "Dependency Notes" for more details.

You may also want to consult the Velocity RoadMap for details on future direction.

Bug Fixes

There have been many, many bugs fixed. Check the Change Log and JIRA for details Some of the most important:

VTL Enhancements

The Velocity Template Language (VTL) has been improved to be easier to use. Significant enhancements include new data types, new operators, improvements to the behavior of "==", and minor syntax improvements.

Velocity Enhancements

There are many big and small improvements to the functionality of the Velocity engine. Many of these improvements are aimed at improving error reporting, simplifying integration into larger applications, and simplifying configuration.

Dependency Notes

If you are upgrading Velocity in an existing application, be sure to check that you have the copies of the correct versions of dependendent jar files.

Known Issues

There are a few known bugs. See JIRA for details.

Other Notes

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