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Old news items are listed below.

Velocity 1.5 Beta 2 Released

Velocity Approved as Top Level Project

Velocity 1.5 Beta 1 Released

New Issue Tracker

Revised Website

Notice: JDOM API Change

Another Velocity Article

Velocity Dreamweaver Extension

New Article on Velocity

ALE uses Velocity

New Article on Velocity

Velosurf 0.8 Released

Generate SOAP messages with Ivory

IntelliJ IDEA Uses Velocity

Cotsec Forms Uses Velocity

Velocity Tools 1.0

Velocity Template Editor Plugin for Eclipse

Roller Weblogger Brings it Together

User's Guide Now Available in French

New Release : Maverick

User's Guide Now Available in Spanish

New Release : vDoclet

New Releases : Turbine, WebWork and JPublish

JeeWiz : The Enterprise System Builder

User's Guide Available in Finnish

Velocity Tool Subproject

Introductory Velocity Article on ''JavaWorld''

DVSL XML Transformation Tool Added as Subproject

Velocity mentioned in ZDNet Article (last May)

Luxor, Velocity-based XUL Toolkit Released

Generate Code with Velocity in Borland's JBuilder

Hey, Maybe We're On The Right Track After All...

Velocidoc Released

New Apache Site Generated with Anakia

Need To Mix JSP and Velocity?

4 published articles covering Velocity

4 Products/Projects Now Depend on Velocity

5 Web Frameworks Now Support Velocity

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