Axis 1.2 Release Plan


Wiki are a quick and easy to formulate release plans. They are also easy to maintain. This is still a bit experimental and doesn't set any sort of precendence.

The 1.2 is a major release. It includes bug fixes and enhancements since the last release.


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Bug Review

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AXIS-1537       getPreviousSibling results in NullPointerException on Envelopes
AXIS-1534       Misleading and confusing "null serializer factory specified" message
AXIS-1532       NodeImpl#setValue() does not behave according to SAAJ Node API
AXIS-1527       Using multiple AxisServlet in webapp share the same AxisEngine
AXIS-1526       RPCProvider debug logging causes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
AXIS-1523       Adding mime headers to SOAPPart does not propagate to client
AXIS-1522       JavaGeneratorFactory should not perform collision protection for types that are in excluded namespaces
AXIS-1507       ClassCastException in SOAPBody outputImpl() and getFirstBody() methods
AXIS-1497       AXIS2: performance improvements
AXIS-1456       Mapping of service interfaces defined using java.sql.Date to xsd:date does not work
AXIS-1391       severe memory leakage in server side service (with tomcat)
AXIS-1323       Poor performance with large amount of data
AXIS-1208       JAXRPCHandler doesn't evaluate return value of handleRequest/handleReponse

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