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Axis 1.4 Information


The 1.4 is a major release. It includes bug fixes and enhancements since the 1.3 release.


Ready for announcement

Bugs Fixed

No JIRA issue: Prevent an NPE when curMsg is null
AXIS-2314 - Axis leaking Session objects
AXIS-2267 - incorrect type serialization
AXIS-2232 - mappings in TypeDesc can't be GC'd
AXIS-2013 - deserialization of exception fails
AXIS-2281 - (docs fix)
AXIS-2278 - fix for memory leak caused by JavaUtils.enumMap
AXIS-2264 - org.apache.axis.client.Call implementation Bug =>
CurrentModificationException if an other VM is used (e.g. http://
AXIS-2236 - Bad constructor with derived classes that inherit xs:any

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