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Quoted Verbatim from Anne's Email @ http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=axis-user&m=104275383530230&w=2:

I hate to break it to you, but Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SOAP Toolkit are the two most common systems used to access SOAP.

I agree that Axis is the most commonly used SOAP implementation for Java. I don't think Apache SOAP fits in that category anymore, though. Use of Apache SOAP has definitely dropped off since Axis was released. Other very popular Java SOAP implementations include IBM WSTK (based on Axis), Systinet WASP, The Mind Electric GLUE, and IONA XMLBus. I suspect that BEA, Borland (based on Axis), Oracle, and Macromedia (based on Axis) have a pretty significant share also.

Here's a quick comparison between Apache SOAP and Axis:

Apache SOAP                   Axis
----                          ----
really old                    third generation
really slow                   much faster, but not as fast as many
no WSDL support               WSDL support
proprietary API               JAX-RPC API
RPC/encoded only              RPC/encoded and Doc/literal
interoperability issues       very interoperable
extensiblity issues           very extensible
low level API for headers     easy handler support for headers

In other words, don't even consider using Apache SOAP.

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