Apache WS Project - Guidelines for Contributors

Committing Code

When do a commit to your subproject, you must make sure your commit is not breaking the builds of other projects. For example, if you change something in Axiom, you have to make sure, neethi, Axis2 builds are successful. Its not required to test this for each and every commit, but you are assumed the responsibility for that. This is to make sure, every one can work with minimal disturbance from others.

If you are not a committer and if you want to attach some artifacts (code, documentation, samples, etc.,), always create a JIRA issue and attach your contribution in that. Never send them with your emails to the list, but you might wanna send a mail pointing to issue(s) created. This will also help people to evaluate you, if you are nominated as a committer. Committers having no JIRAs with patches attached might have problems during the committer voting process. If you want your contributions to be accepted in to any of the projects, make sure you grant ASF the rights to use your contributions, in the page you are attaching your patches.

Mailing Lists

To subscribe - <MailingListName>-subscribe@ws.apache.org To un-subscribe - <MailingListName>-unsubscribe@ws.apache.org

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