summary: today discussion was about WSDL processing and WOM (WSDL Object Model): and in particular about API, data binding issues, relation to WSDL4J, use of XMLBeans, metadata (get/setProperty).

we have also talked about transport and HTTP 202 support in servlets and phased handlers and how they are supposed to work.

please make sure to visit and add topics to agenda for next week chat at:

--- alek

[10/20/2004 8:00 AM] <Ias> Hi Glen
[10/20/2004 8:01 AM] =-= YOU are now known as alek
[10/20/2004 8:01 AM] <gdaniels> Hi Alek
[10/20/2004 8:01 AM] <Ajith1030> Hi all
[10/20/2004 8:02 AM] <Ias> Hi Alek,
[10/20/2004 8:02 AM] <gdaniels> Morning (evening, whatever) Ajith
[10/20/2004 8:02 AM] <Ias> Hi Ajith
[10/20/2004 8:02 AM] -->| Srinath (~Srinath@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 8:03 AM] <Ias> Hi Srinath
[10/20/2004 8:03 AM] <gdaniels> It's that time, folks.
[10/20/2004 8:03 AM] <alek> Hello
[10/20/2004 8:03 AM] <Srinath> hi all
[10/20/2004 8:03 AM] <Srinath> hi glen :)
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[10/20/2004 8:04 AM] <gdaniels> Hi Srinath!
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[10/20/2004 8:04 AM] <Chinthaka> hi all
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[10/20/2004 8:04 AM] <Ias> Hi Chinthaka
[10/20/2004 8:04 AM] <gdaniels> So... WSDL processing was apparently first on today's agenda?
[10/20/2004 8:04 AM] <Srinath> :)
[10/20/2004 8:05 AM] -->| dasarath (~Miranda@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 8:05 AM] <Srinath> may be we start with second chatura wsdl man is coming and any second
[10/20/2004 8:05 AM] <Ajith1030>
[10/20/2004 8:06 AM] <Srinath> shall I bring up handlin gbugs first
[10/20/2004 8:06 AM] <Srinath> jira for axis2
[10/20/2004 8:06 AM] <Chinthaka> thats good Srianth
[10/20/2004 8:06 AM] <Srinath> gbug=bug
[10/20/2004 8:06 AM] <Chinthaka> Srinath :)
[10/20/2004 8:06 AM] <gdaniels> yes, should be pretty easy to set up
[10/20/2004 8:06 AM] <farhaan> okay, so what do you propose? I would prefer to have a a new jIRA project created
[10/20/2004 8:06 AM] <gdaniels> What did you want to discuss about it?
[10/20/2004 8:06 AM] <gdaniels> farhaan: yup
[10/20/2004 8:06 AM] <Srinath> should we set up a jira project to axis2
[10/20/2004 8:07 AM] <Srinath> or do it inside axis jira
[10/20/2004 8:07 AM] <gdaniels> +1 new
[10/20/2004 8:07 AM] <Srinath> +1 new
[10/20/2004 8:08 AM] <Srinath> ok let us catch dims for that i belive
[10/20/2004 8:08 AM] <Ajith1030> I woluld also say new
[10/20/2004 8:08 AM] <gdaniels> OK
[10/20/2004 8:08 AM] <alek> +1 new
[10/20/2004 8:09 AM] <Srinath> next the OM how to proceed from where we are
[10/20/2004 8:09 AM] <Chinthaka> wait
[10/20/2004 8:09 AM] <Chinthaka> shall we discuss this wsdl first
[10/20/2004 8:10 AM] <Chinthaka> its accrued from last chat :)
[10/20/2004 8:10 AM] -->| chathura (~chathura@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 8:10 AM] <gdaniels> We're waiting for Chathura
[10/20/2004 8:10 AM] <gdaniels> ah
[10/20/2004 8:10 AM] <Chinthaka> he came just now
[10/20/2004 8:10 AM] <gdaniels> speak of the devil
[10/20/2004 8:10 AM] <chathura> hi sorry guy
[10/20/2004 8:10 AM] <Srinath> Chat is in :)
[10/20/2004 8:10 AM] <Chinthaka> :D
[10/20/2004 8:10 AM] <gdaniels> no problemo
[10/20/2004 8:10 AM] <Srinath> then to wsdli belive
[10/20/2004 8:10 AM] <chathura> +1:)
[10/20/2004 8:10 AM] <gdaniels> So OK, WSDL first then OM
[10/20/2004 8:11 AM] <Ajith1030> yeah Chathura :  how is your progress
[10/20/2004 8:11 AM] <chathura> ok will tell you what i have in mind
[10/20/2004 8:11 AM] <chathura> ok i have a prototype impl of a possible WOM
[10/20/2004 8:11 AM] <Chinthaka> all of us are staring at him and he is bit nervous :)
[10/20/2004 8:11 AM] <chathura> WOM = WSDL object Model
[10/20/2004 8:12 AM] <chathura>
[10/20/2004 8:12 AM] <chathura> its the architecture i have in mind which is pretty abstract(of course)
[10/20/2004 8:13 AM] <chathura> THis WOM of mine will be based on the WSDL 2.0 component model
[10/20/2004 8:14 AM] <gdaniels> Are we expecting the single WOM model to deal with both WSDL 2.0 and 1.1?
[10/20/2004 8:14 AM] <chathura> but there are sufficient provisions that we can keep the
[10/20/2004 8:14 AM] <chathura> wsdl 1.1:)
[10/20/2004 8:15 AM] -->| Srinath_ (~Srinath@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 8:15 AM] <Srinath_> hi are you seening this
[10/20/2004 8:15 AM] <Chinthaka> yeah, y not :)
[10/20/2004 8:15 AM] <Chinthaka> seems you guys having some prob
[10/20/2004 8:15 AM] <gdaniels> I notice you're storing things in the current WOM proto as LinkedLists... wouldn't Maps make more sense, indexed by QNames/NCNames as appropriate?
[10/20/2004 8:16 AM] <Srinath_> i think the net goes down and come back :D
[10/20/2004 8:16 AM] <Srinath_> :(:(
[10/20/2004 8:16 AM] <gdaniels> Srinath: yes, we see your clone :)
[10/20/2004 8:16 AM] <Chinthaka> :)
[10/20/2004 8:16 AM] <Srinath_> :D
[10/20/2004 8:16 AM] -->| Ajith (~Miranda@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 8:17 AM] <Srinath_> ajith can you address the glen Q about OM?
[10/20/2004 8:17 AM] <chathura> glen:sounds good
[10/20/2004 8:17 AM] <Ajith> sorry guys
[10/20/2004 8:17 AM] <Ajith> what was the question??
[10/20/2004 8:17 AM] <Chinthaka> Did Glen asked anything abt OM ?
[10/20/2004 8:17 AM] <Ajith> I missed a whole lot
[10/20/2004 8:18 AM] <gdaniels> <gdaniels> I notice you're storing things in the current WOM proto as LinkedLists... wouldn't Maps make more sense, indexed by QNames/NCNames as appropriate?
[10/20/2004 8:18 AM] -->| dasarath1318 (~Miranda@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 8:18 AM] <gdaniels> I think that was for Chathura, though - he wrote the current WOM, yes?
[10/20/2004 8:18 AM] <chathura> well one more thig that i forgot to mension
[10/20/2004 8:18 AM] <Srinath_> sorry it is WOM :)
[10/20/2004 8:18 AM] <chathura> glen : didnt get you :(
[10/20/2004 8:19 AM] <gdaniels> In, for instance - you have the interfaces stored in a LinkedList.
[10/20/2004 8:20 AM] <chathura> yes yes
[10/20/2004 8:20 AM] <chathura> the thing i wanted to tell you was
[10/20/2004 8:20 AM] <chathura> the need for external xml binding mechanism
[10/20/2004 8:20 AM] <gdaniels> i.e. an external reader/writer?
[10/20/2004 8:20 AM] <chathura> more or less the direcion is toward xml beans i guess
[10/20/2004 8:21 AM] -->| farhaan5843 (~Miranda@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 8:21 AM] <chathura> no i was talking about the schema parsing and the data representation of the WOM
[10/20/2004 8:22 AM] <chathura> glen : yes your one plus and the data representation of the WOM
[10/20/2004 8:22 AM] <gdaniels> ok, are you suggesting using XMLBeans on the WSDL schema to generate the classes?
[10/20/2004 8:22 AM] <Ias> Actually Beehive WSM does that.
[10/20/2004 8:23 AM] <chathura> think the Ajith is having some problems with the chat
[10/20/2004 8:23 AM] <gdaniels> hm.  I would think that would tie it too closely to a particular version....
[10/20/2004 8:23 AM] <Ias> A similar case happened to EWS.
[10/20/2004 8:24 AM] <Ias> Once we used JAXB, and Geronimo folks wanted us to change to XMLBeans.
[10/20/2004 8:24 AM] -->| Ajith_rana (~Miranda@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 8:24 AM] <Ajith_rana> guys  we are having probs here at UOC
[10/20/2004 8:24 AM] <chathura> i think the code gen part should be clearly seperated from this WOM of mine
[10/20/2004 8:24 AM] <Ajith_rana> so our connection seems to break always
[10/20/2004 8:25 AM] <Ias> Now it seems common that we need to make some abstract layer for supporting various binding solutions.
[10/20/2004 8:25 AM] <gdaniels> OK, so you're really suggesting using the codegen to read and write the XML?  That means that you'll have to write/read the XMLBeans objects to/from the WOM objects...
[10/20/2004 8:25 AM] <chathura> so glen the code generation will be based on the WOM inside of which we may use xml beans and it will eventually help us
[10/20/2004 8:26 AM] -->| Srinath__ (~Srinath@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 8:26 AM] <gdaniels> I'm not sure there's a big enough payoff there to make XMLBeans worth it over a simpler solution, but I'll hold judgement until I see it.
[10/20/2004 8:26 AM] <Srinath__> well am keep cloning :(
[10/20/2004 8:26 AM] <gdaniels> I'm not sure there's NOT a big enough payoff either. :)
[10/20/2004 8:27 AM] <gdaniels> If we have 10 Srinaths, we'll get this thing done a lot faster!
[10/20/2004 8:27 AM] <Srinath__> oh :D
[10/20/2004 8:27 AM] <Ias> :-)
[10/20/2004 8:27 AM] <Ajith_rana> :D
[10/20/2004 8:28 AM] <chathura> glen:i didnt get what you really mean
[10/20/2004 8:28 AM] <alek> :-)
[10/20/2004 8:28 AM] <chathura> we ll pretty much depend on the xml beans to d  the schema parsing
[10/20/2004 8:28 AM] <chathura> we need a schema parser anyway
[10/20/2004 8:28 AM] <alek> so WOM will have one common API and support both WSDL2 and WSDL1.1?

[10/20/2004 8:29 AM] <gdaniels> chathura: I'm saying that I'm a little concerned that the XMLBeans model generated from WSDL will duplicate an awful lot of what's going to be in the abstract WOM, and that it might be faster/easier to have a specific reader/writer class that does WOM<->XML directly.
[10/20/2004 8:29 AM] <Srinath__> we got to decide what to use 4 xml schmema interface + parsing
[10/20/2004 8:29 AM] <Ajith_rana> yeah we can the schema support from XB!
[10/20/2004 8:29 AM] |<-- Srinath has left (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[10/20/2004 8:29 AM] <chathura> alek: yes
[10/20/2004 8:30 AM] |<-- Ajith1030 has left (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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[10/20/2004 8:30 AM] |<-- farhaan has left (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[10/20/2004 8:30 AM] <chathura> glen: my  guess is that would lead us to the place we are at in axis 1.1
[10/20/2004 8:30 AM] <gdaniels> We wanted to have pluggable data binding frameworks, right?  If that's the case then we want to think about what we need from the abstract part...
[10/20/2004 8:31 AM] <chathura> i agree
[10/20/2004 8:31 AM] |<-- FR^2 has left (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[10/20/2004 8:31 AM] <gdaniels> chathura: In Axis 1.1 we use WSDL4J
[10/20/2004 8:32 AM] <gdaniels> WSDL4J does the WSDL writing/reading for us
[10/20/2004 8:32 AM] <chathura> and we do our own schema parsing
[10/20/2004 8:32 AM] <chathura> yah
[10/20/2004 8:32 AM] <alek> glen: by pluggable do you mean that WSDL code generator can support many XML<->Java classes mappings?
[10/20/2004 8:32 AM] <Ias> What's going on with WSDL4J 2?
[10/20/2004 8:32 AM] <gdaniels> Ias: Nothing yet
[10/20/2004 8:32 AM] -->| FR^2 ( has joined #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 8:32 AM] <Ias> Glen: then when?
[10/20/2004 8:32 AM] <gdaniels> Ias: We discussed contributing our version to JCP when we were in Sri Lanka...
[10/20/2004 8:33 AM] <Ias> Glen: JCP? not Apache?
[10/20/2004 8:33 AM] <gdaniels> alek: Yes, but probably not mix-and-match, just one at a time.
[10/20/2004 8:33 AM] <gdaniels> Ias: "our" == Apache's
[10/20/2004 8:33 AM] <chathura> glen: do you not think that schema parsing is a good reason for us to think of pluggable data binding
[10/20/2004 8:34 AM] -->| dasarath (~Miranda@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 8:34 AM] <gdaniels> chathura: Oh - you're talking about XMLBeans for parsing the schemas
[10/20/2004 8:34 AM] <gdaniels> INSIDE the WSDL
[10/20/2004 8:34 AM] <gdaniels> not the schema for WSDL itself
[10/20/2004 8:34 AM] <chathura> not really
[10/20/2004 8:34 AM] <gdaniels> I misunderstood, I think
[10/20/2004 8:34 AM] <chathura> its like this
[10/20/2004 8:35 AM] <Ias> Glen: I see. What I remember about that is WSDL4J 2 code base will come from IBM. Therefore, it is not ready yet.
[10/20/2004 8:35 AM] <chathura> xml beans (or the data binding ) will be used for two things i belive
[10/20/2004 8:35 AM] <gdaniels> Ias: No, WSDL4J2 code base isn't really being worked on yet IIRC.  We suggested contributing our thing as the basis for WSDL4J2 work when we're done.
[10/20/2004 8:36 AM] <gdaniels> I might be remembering wrong, though.
[10/20/2004 8:36 AM] <chathura> one is to parse the schema component that is embedded in the WSDL itself
[10/20/2004 8:36 AM] <chathura> THis will go into the WSDLOM Builder inthe diagram in
[10/20/2004 8:36 AM] <gdaniels> chathura: +1
[10/20/2004 8:36 AM] <chathura> :)
[10/20/2004 8:37 AM] <Ias> +1 from me too.
[10/20/2004 8:37 AM] |<-- Srinath_ has left (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[10/20/2004 8:37 AM] <chathura> that was the first one by the way:)
[10/20/2004 8:37 AM] <gdaniels> chathura: and thing number two?
[10/20/2004 8:37 AM] -->| Srinath (~Srinath@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 8:37 AM] <Ias> Srinath comes and goes :-)
[10/20/2004 8:37 AM] <Srinath> :(
[10/20/2004 8:37 AM] <Srinath> at least am keep cloning
[10/20/2004 8:38 AM] <Srinath> :D
[10/20/2004 8:38 AM] <chathura> No 2 is that we will use the xml beans object model to represent the schema component inside the WOM
[10/20/2004 8:38 AM] <Chinthaka> :)
[10/20/2004 8:38 AM] |<-- Ajith has left (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[10/20/2004 8:38 AM] <chathura> its not in da code as yet
[10/20/2004 8:39 AM] |<-- dasarath1318 has left (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[10/20/2004 8:40 AM] <gdaniels> OK
[10/20/2004 8:40 AM] <chathura> so WOM will have the wsdl component model plus references to a object model provided to us by a data binding tool
[10/20/2004 8:40 AM] <gdaniels> sounds good
[10/20/2004 8:40 AM] <chathura> :)
[10/20/2004 8:40 AM] <gdaniels> WOM interfaces need to make it easy to find components from various places by name
[10/20/2004 8:41 AM] <gdaniels> WOM also needs to be able to hang arbitrary data off each component
[10/20/2004 8:41 AM] <chathura> glen: i agree with you we ll adopt a better serch mechanism
[10/20/2004 8:41 AM] <gdaniels> (so we can attach handler chains, etc)
[10/20/2004 8:41 AM] <chathura> explain a bit more pls
[10/20/2004 8:42 AM] <gdaniels> each component should have a getProperty/setProperty
[10/20/2004 8:42 AM] <gdaniels> that lets us attach handler chains to the Input/Output WSDL objects, as discussed in SL
[10/20/2004 8:42 AM] <gdaniels> (operation/service too)
[10/20/2004 8:42 AM] <gdaniels> plus attach any other metadata we might need
[10/20/2004 8:43 AM] <chathura> so there will  be some thing like a ComponentContext
[10/20/2004 8:43 AM] <chathura> ?
[10/20/2004 8:43 AM] <gdaniels> more like a WSDLComponent base class
[10/20/2004 8:44 AM] <gdaniels> which implements the property-storing stuff
[10/20/2004 8:45 AM] <alek> what is Property? named Object?
[10/20/2004 8:45 AM] <gdaniels> right
[10/20/2004 8:45 AM] <chathura> i was thinking some think like MessageContext like thing per component yah the impl would converge us to what you said
[10/20/2004 8:45 AM] -->| sanjiva (~sanjiva@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 8:45 AM] <gdaniels> Chain chain = (Chain)wsdlOperation.getProperty("axis.handlerChain")
[10/20/2004 8:46 AM] <sanjiva> hi Guys
[10/20/2004 8:46 AM] <sanjiva> sorry I'm rather late ..
[10/20/2004 8:46 AM] <gdaniels> yo Sanjiva
[10/20/2004 8:46 AM] <chathura> hi sir
[10/20/2004 8:46 AM] <gdaniels> no worries, but we assigned you a whole lot of code to write while we were waiting. :D
[10/20/2004 8:46 AM] <sanjiva> what's the topic today?
[10/20/2004 8:46 AM] <sanjiva> ah cool :)
[10/20/2004 8:46 AM] <Chinthaka> :)
[10/20/2004 8:46 AM] <gdaniels> we're talking WSDL right now
[10/20/2004 8:47 AM] <gdaniels> coming to a close on it for today, I think
[10/20/2004 8:47 AM] <gdaniels> chathura's working on the object model, in early stages
[10/20/2004 8:47 AM] <Ias> Hi Sanjiva
[10/20/2004 8:47 AM] <alek> hi sanjiva
[10/20/2004 8:47 AM] <gdaniels> we discussed the general idea of plugging in a databinding/schema framework to do the <types> work, but haven't talked specifics yet.
[10/20/2004 8:47 AM] <gdaniels> XMLBeans first, pluggability after, I think.
[10/20/2004 8:48 AM] <sanjiva> ok sounds good ... but we will have the option of exposing OM directly to the app if they want it so right?
[10/20/2004 8:48 AM] <gdaniels> right
[10/20/2004 8:48 AM] <sanjiva> I mean basically without any type mapping
[10/20/2004 8:48 AM] <gdaniels> yes
[10/20/2004 8:48 AM] <sanjiva> OK
[10/20/2004 8:48 AM] <gdaniels> will we do schema validation in that case?
[10/20/2004 8:49 AM] <sanjiva> good question .. not yet I guess but certainly going forward that would be a good thing to do
[10/20/2004 8:49 AM] <gdaniels> +1 not yet, and also to aim for that later
[10/20/2004 8:49 AM] <sanjiva> bit of a challenge to do schema validation while doing deferred tree building with a pull parser but not impossible for sure
[10/20/2004 8:49 AM] |<-- Srinath__ has left (Read error: 242 (No route to host))
[10/20/2004 8:50 AM] <Chinthaka> deferred tree building in WOM ??
[10/20/2004 8:50 AM] <gdaniels> right - technically can't validate until the whole infoset is there, but you can do stepwise validation with faults happening whenever the bad elements are encountered...
[10/20/2004 8:50 AM] <gdaniels> Chinthaka: no, OM
[10/20/2004 8:50 AM] |<-- Ajith_rana has left (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[10/20/2004 8:50 AM] |<-- farhaan5843 has left (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[10/20/2004 8:50 AM] <gdaniels> OK, speaking of OM.... should we move on to that?
[10/20/2004 8:51 AM] <Chinthaka> are we talking abt OM ...... ??????
[10/20/2004 8:51 AM] <Chinthaka> or WOM .... ??? or both ??????
[10/20/2004 8:51 AM] <gdaniels> Chinthaka: Yes, Sanjiva and I were talking about using OM directly instead of data binding when desired.
[10/20/2004 8:52 AM] <alek> it seems there are soem connectivity problems
[10/20/2004 8:52 AM] <sanjiva> Chinthaka: about givinmg the app programmer a choice of programming models: type mapped into a java type or as an XML infoset (aka OM)
[10/20/2004 8:52 AM] <alek> maybe we can move OM to next week and rehash issues over mailing list?
[10/20/2004 8:53 AM] <gdaniels> Sure, we can do that.
[10/20/2004 8:53 AM] <gdaniels> Srinath, are you still there?
[10/20/2004 8:53 AM] <Chinthaka> alek : thats good
[10/20/2004 8:53 AM] <Chinthaka> its lightening here :(
[10/20/2004 8:53 AM] <gdaniels> looks like no :(
[10/20/2004 8:53 AM] <chathura> think the guys at uoc having problem
[10/20/2004 8:53 AM] <sanjiva> you mean to say he got hit??
[10/20/2004 8:54 AM] <sanjiva> ah ok ;-)
[10/20/2004 8:54 AM] <chathura> ;)
[10/20/2004 8:54 AM] <gdaniels> lightning == bad for the wires, not the people! :)
[10/20/2004 8:54 AM] <gdaniels> So I checked in an engine prototype
[10/20/2004 8:54 AM] -->| smeder ( has joined #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 8:54 AM] <alek> unless you have really really really bad luckk
[10/20/2004 8:54 AM] <Chinthaka> people are infront of things powered by wires ;)
[10/20/2004 8:55 AM] <gdaniels> Will do some more work on it, but it shows some of the stuff we talked about in early form.
[10/20/2004 8:55 AM] <gdaniels> Hi Sam
[10/20/2004 8:55 AM] <Chinthaka> hi sam
[10/20/2004 8:55 AM] <Ias> Hi Sam
[10/20/2004 8:55 AM] <smeder> hi all
[10/20/2004 8:55 AM] <chathura> HI SAM
[10/20/2004 8:55 AM] <sanjiva> Glen: saw it .. I'll look at it too (have to look at srinath's code too)
[10/20/2004 8:55 AM] <sanjiva> hi Sam!
[10/20/2004 8:56 AM] <Chinthaka> a small question ... can some one tell me abt
[10/20/2004 8:56 AM] <Chinthaka> what Phased handlers means ... for clarification
[10/20/2004 8:56 AM] <gdaniels> the idea that there are well-defined "phases" with names that represent particular ordered parts of your handler chain
[10/20/2004 8:56 AM] |<-- Srinath has left (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[10/20/2004 8:57 AM] <alek> hi Sam
[10/20/2004 8:57 AM] <gdaniels> phases get used by Modules when they're deploying handlers.
[10/20/2004 8:57 AM] |<-- dasarath has left (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[10/20/2004 8:57 AM] <gdaniels> So you can say stuff like "deploy this handler as the first one in the dispatch phase", etc
[10/20/2004 8:57 AM] <Chinthaka> oki
[10/20/2004 8:58 AM] <gdaniels> a Phase as I built it has pre and post conditions which get checked during execution
[10/20/2004 8:58 AM] <alek> what would be typical phases? ike security, reliable messaging, ... ?
[10/20/2004 8:58 AM] <gdaniels> alek: eventually, yes
[10/20/2004 8:58 AM] <gdaniels> we'll start simple with just transport, global, dispatch....
[10/20/2004 8:59 AM] <Chinthaka> did u see the protoype we created for Engine ?
[10/20/2004 8:59 AM] <gdaniels> I've got it but haven't looked at it yet - plan to today
[10/20/2004 9:00 AM] <chathura> i have looked at the transport sender thing
[10/20/2004 9:01 AM] <chathura> few issues in my mind
[10/20/2004 9:01 AM] <gdaniels> which transport sender thing?
[10/20/2004 9:02 AM] <chathura> The transport sender thing that we talked about in the sumit
[10/20/2004 9:02 AM] <chathura> the one who will od the transport realated stuff
[10/20/2004 9:03 AM] <chathura> eg: sending 202 at the end of the in phase if necessary
[10/20/2004 9:03 AM] <chathura> one who will be the last handler in the out
[10/20/2004 9:04 AM] <chathura> basically the guy who will look up whether ther are addressing things to be clarified before sending the out
[10/20/2004 9:04 AM] <gdaniels> I implemented that one of the ways we talked about, by having the servlet (HTTPListener) send the 202 if it gets control back but does not find a particular RESPONSE_SENT property in the MC
[10/20/2004 9:05 AM] <chathura> yes yes thats what i ws talking
[10/20/2004 9:05 AM] <gdaniels> So if someone used the HTTPResponder (the "sender") to send a response or a fault, the property gets set and the HTTPListener does nothing when it gets control back.  Otherwise it sends a 202.
[10/20/2004 9:06 AM] <chathura> so if i am to tell you my question
[10/20/2004 9:06 AM] <gdaniels> The only problem with that approach is that the 202 gets sent AFTER all the processing has happened.  It might also be nice to put in a way to have that happen earlier.
[10/20/2004 9:07 AM] <chathura> yah in mind i thought this transport sender gets called the responder
[10/20/2004 9:07 AM] <chathura> befor out after in
[10/20/2004 9:07 AM] <sanjiva> glen: that would require another thread .. otherwise the servlet rules will be broken (?)
[10/20/2004 9:07 AM] <gdaniels> sanjiva: no, I don't think so
[10/20/2004 9:07 AM] <gdaniels> Anyone can write and flush the servlet response.
[10/20/2004 9:08 AM] <gdaniels> We just need to know when to do it.
[10/20/2004 9:08 AM] <sanjiva> hmmm .. even before the return from doPost()?
[10/20/2004 9:09 AM] <gdaniels> There's some kind of "switch responders" hook that would perform activity like sending the 202 and flushing.
[10/20/2004 9:09 AM] <gdaniels> Yes, I'm pretty sure.
[10/20/2004 9:09 AM] <gdaniels> Not positive though.
[10/20/2004 9:09 AM] <chathura> what will happen in cases like ws-eventing where the same message is sent out to many listeners
[10/20/2004 9:09 AM] <chathura> two questions
[10/20/2004 9:10 AM] <gdaniels> chathura: ? Not sure what you're getting at with eventing.
[10/20/2004 9:10 AM] <sanjiva> so you mean if I do this in in doPost: { .. code to send reponse, flush; sleep (100000); return } then the client will receive the 200 OK response before the sleep expires?
[10/20/2004 9:10 AM] <chathura> does the current addressing allow us to have many reply tos
[10/20/2004 9:10 AM] <gdaniels> sanjiva: I think so, yes.
[10/20/2004 9:10 AM] <gdaniels> it probably doesn't close down the socket, but you get the data anyway.
[10/20/2004 9:11 AM] <alek> maybe doPost can examine handler chain step-wise and if any step delcares that no response will be sent (such as for one-way messaging) then 202 can be sent and chain processing can continue?
[10/20/2004 9:12 AM] <sanjiva> chathura: the servlet stuff comes in for a request-response type pattern only ... in the case of eventing its just sending out multiple messsages only right?
[10/20/2004 9:12 AM] <gdaniels> alek: not sure you need to examine the whole chain for that, just determine the MEP
[10/20/2004 9:12 AM] <sanjiva> I mean the implementation of ws-eventing is going to use a sender multiple times - it will not involve a servlet at all
[10/20/2004 9:13 AM] <chathura> sir i was wondering whether we can burn that part into the transport sender itself
[10/20/2004 9:13 AM] <chathura> after all it ll be the same msg right
[10/20/2004 9:13 AM] <gdaniels> burn the idea of sending to multiple destinations into the sender itself?
[10/20/2004 9:14 AM] <gdaniels> You certainly could write a sender like that, but I don't think we need to do anything architecturally to support it.
[10/20/2004 9:14 AM] <chathura> meaning if the eventing requires sending same msg to 10 listenenrs it ll be a single out but our transport sender will will send it out to all
[10/20/2004 9:15 AM] |<-- FR^2 has left (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[10/20/2004 9:15 AM] <gdaniels> but it might need to be encrypted differently for each listener
[10/20/2004 9:15 AM] -->| FR^2 (~FRQuadrat@ has joined #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 9:15 AM] <gdaniels> so you really need to call the whole outgoing chain for each message to enable that sort of thing
[10/20/2004 9:16 AM] <chathura> ohh ok
[10/20/2004 9:16 AM] <sanjiva> ah ok .. in some sense a multiplexing sender instead of a point-to-point sender. interesting ..
[10/20/2004 9:16 AM] <gdaniels> should be cheap in most cases
[10/20/2004 9:16 AM] <chathura> :)
[10/20/2004 9:17 AM] <alek> well that may got more complicate with WSRM as sender may need to retry sending so separate scheduler (or thread) is needed
[10/20/2004 9:17 AM] <sanjiva> but we definitely don't need the sender to implement ws-rm .. that can be layered on top
[10/20/2004 9:17 AM] <sanjiva> never mind that's what you said :)
[10/20/2004 9:18 AM] <gdaniels> OK, shall we wrap it up for today?  Everyone go look at everyone else's code. :)
[10/20/2004 9:19 AM] <chathura> think i need to go now today is our graduation ball at the university
[10/20/2004 9:19 AM] <chathura> ok
[10/20/2004 9:19 AM] <gdaniels> I'm psyched to play with the OM protos!
[10/20/2004 9:19 AM] <sanjiva> sounds good :)
[10/20/2004 9:19 AM] <sanjiva> congrats on the ball guys! have a ball! ;-)
[10/20/2004 9:19 AM] <gdaniels> chathura: have fun!
[10/20/2004 9:19 AM] <gdaniels> hehehe
[10/20/2004 9:19 AM] <sanjiva> bye ..
[10/20/2004 9:19 AM] <chathura> thanx
[10/20/2004 9:19 AM] <chathura> bye
[10/20/2004 9:19 AM] <--| chathura has left #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 9:19 AM] <--| smeder has left #apache-axis
[10/20/2004 9:19 AM] <gdaniels> bye4now folks... see you all next week
[10/20/2004 9:19 AM] <gdaniels> I'll send the log
[10/20/2004 9:19 AM] <Ias> Bye+
[10/20/2004 9:20 AM] <alek> bye
[10/20/2004 9:20 AM] <alek> i will send log too

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