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  • Axis engine
    • Supporting Asynchronous/Synchronous communication - Design Details
    • WS-Addressing and Axis 2 engine
  • OM API - we should look to finalize it however:
    • JDK 1.4 compatibility (any particular verions of 1.4.x?)
    • how to access stream for SOAP : Body? API?
    • how to support flexibly multiple APIs (DOM, SAAJ, ...) even those that we currently do not know about ...
    • related: efficient support of different binding techniques: SAX stream, StAX stream, XmlBeans, Castor, JAXB, ...

    • should we add more setters/getters methods? make it more JDOM-like?
    • how to wrap OMEleemnt with DOM Element?
    • should we allow String as element content beside OMText to allow very lightweight XML trees
  • Since OM is in good shape how about moving it to better place ...
    • how many OM's we need to continue from this point [did we achieve all goals?]
    • clean up the unused OM's and other make scratch look nicer
  • Axis Management Extension (AMX)
    • What are the things we should manage?
    • What kind of UI we should provide for that?
  • deployment (if time permits )

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