AXIS Object Model (OM aka AXIOM)

What is OM

OM is a Streaming XML infoset. The proposed model converts the incoming stream into a tree object model (OM) with (deferred construction) when it is dispatching the incoming request to the soap service. The OM only keeps the parts that are read so far in the memory. The rest is served directly from the stream, if it is accessed via the pull API. If the cache flag is false when streaming the body then the OM representation does not get built.

The portion of the OM representing everything up to </Header> will be created immediately and made available to all handlers. The filling in of the OM for the body will be deferred until someone asks for it.

OM Goals

Detailed list of what is and not what is in OM: FrontPage/Architecture/OMGoals

OM Requirements

Discussed in FrontPage/Architecture/OMRequirements

OM Use Cases

Discussed in FrontPage/Architecture/OMUseCases

OM Current Work and Issues

Discussed in FrontPage/Architecture/OMIssues

OM Performance

A look at the perfomance of different implementations of OM

OM API and Implementations

Design diagrams for stream to OM conversion is at




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