OM performance measurement is based on the Sosnoski XML Bench. You can have a look at the original authors code at

Executing Tests

The Sosnoski bench usage is as follows

Usage: XMLBench [-options] model file-list

Options are:

These options may be concatenated together with a single leading dash.

Model may be any of the following values:

The models which support JAXP-compliant SAX2 parsers may use any qualifying parser by setting the javax.xml.parsers.SAXParserFactory system property to the appropriate class.

Note the mode names in bold. these are the newly added models

Properties passed in doing the tests were the following

-c -d -i -s -p50 <model> <filename>

For this measurement three new classes were written. These are

And these match the mentioned models respectively

Apart from the jars shipped with the Sosnoski bench suit, the OM-API and the two OM implementation jars are needed.

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