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See also OM Requirements discussed in [wiki:FrontPage/Architecture/OMRequirements] See also OM Requirements discussed in [[FrontPage/Architecture/OMRequirements]]

AXIOM Use Cases

OM Requirements

See also OM Requirements discussed in FrontPage/Architecture/OMRequirements

Lot of small XML messages

  • Size: few KBs
  • Number of messages: thousands
  • Message is processed and small response message is typically dispatched

Direct XML stream processing without data binding

Direct generation of output XML stream without Java-XML binding

XML stream processing with SOAP:Body XML-Java binding

Large XML messages

  • Size: few 100KBs to few MBs
  • Number of messages: hundreds?
  • Messages may need to be valdiated against XML Schema/RELAX etc

XML messages with very large with binary content

  • Use MTOM
  • How to efficiently stream binary content (directly to file, DB, ...)

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