How to get AXIS to find client-config.wsdd

AXIS supports the use of Handlers on the client side and many of the WS-FX projects are implemented using this feature. Configuration information for the client is contained within the client-config.wsdd.

By default the AXIS client code looks for this file in two places:

1) First of all AXIS checks the working directory of the process in which it is running. If the file is found there then it uses this version.

2) If no client-config.wsdd was found then it checks on the classpath in the package org/apache/axis/client

It is also possible to specify the location of the client-config.wsdd file explicity (if you like to keep configuration files at a separate location). To do this, you need to set a system property using the command line like so:

java -Daxis.ClientConfigFile=/location/of/client-config.wsdd ...

This can also be done from within Ant using a <systemproperty> element nested within <java>:

<sysproperty key="axis.ClientConfigFile" value="/location/of/client-config.wsdd">

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