Installation help for Axis on JBoss

JBoss has its own integrated build with documentation under JBoss.NET.

Fun is to be had if you want to use a different version of Axis from the one JBoss gives you. The JBoss 'default' config doesnt enable the JBoss Axis jars, but the 'all' configuration does. If you have problems running an Axis service, try moving to the 'default' configuration and see if it goes away.

Also, JBoss may use a different classloader order from that required by the Servlet 2.3 specification. You can configure both the Jetty and Catalina Webapp subsystems to use the 2.3 'webapp-first' classloader, not the 'parent-first' rule that JBoss prefers. Try this if you are having problems loading classes, or getting Class Cast exceptions.

Update: JBoss 4.0

JBoss 4.0 includes their version of axis in jboss-net.sar, even in the default edition. You will likely pick up bits of this version if you are not careful. In particular, the Java1.4 endorsed libraries 'feature' means you will get the endorsed versions of SAAJ and JAX-RPC from this distribution (which is endorsed), even when you flip on the web-app first feature mentioned above. This should not make a difference, as these are 'standards', after all.

Check with HappyAxis very carefully to be sure that what you get is what you want, and that the jars you need come from your controlled versions. It is very hard to field bug reports from people who are unintentionally running a different version of Axis from that which they think they are.

For additional information see: Tutorial for building J2EE Applications using JBOSS and ECLIPSE

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