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'''Installation help for Axis on [http://www.newatlanta.com ServletExec]''' '''Installation help for Axis on [[http://www.newatlanta.com|ServletExec]]'''
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 * Access the ServletExec Admin UI [http://localhost/servlet/admin http://localhost/servlet/admin]  * Access the ServletExec Admin UI [[http://localhost/servlet/admin|http://localhost/servlet/admin]]
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   * Access [http://localhost/axis http://localhost/axis]    * Access [[http://localhost/axis|http://localhost/axis]]

Installation help for Axis on ServletExec

Tested only with ServletExec 4.2

  • Install axis
  • Access the ServletExec Admin UI http://localhost/servlet/admin

  • Under Web Applications, select manage

  • Click Add Web Application

  • Create Web Application with the following settings:
    • Application Name: axis

    • URL Context Path: /axis

    • Location: <$AXIS_HOME>/webapps/axis

    • Leave defaults for the other settings
  • Read the "Important" note
  • Click Submit

  • Modify the web server configuration if necessary (see "Important" note above) to add a mapping for the /axis path.
  • Test that axis works:

Note: You may need to copy jaxrpc.jar and saaj.jar to <$SERVLETEXEC_HOME>/lib


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