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Installation help for Axis on Sun One Application Server 7

Sun document this on their own site: http://access1.sun.com/techarticles/using_axis.html

To install Axis on SUN ONE 7, you need to follow all installation processes defined for Tomcat, but you must take care with the security permissions defined for your application server instance.

In the <sun_one_root_dir>/domains/<your_domain>/<your_instance>/config directory you have a server.policy that define the security settings for this instance.

1.- Axis need some privileges that by default are not given to the applications. Those privileges are this:

2.- To use the SOAPMonitor, you must modify the <noWiki>SocketPermission</noWiki> to hive accept and resolve privileges

3.- To execute .jws calls you must give delete permisions to FilePermission, so you shold modify this line

  • permission java.io.FilePermission "<<ALL FILES>>","read,write,delete";

This lines should be added inside the "grant" block

By default Sun One uses the Apache Crimson XML parser, you should include Apache Xerces libraries inside your application if you want to use this parser.

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