Q: How do I monitor SOAP traffic?

A: You have several options available:

  1. TCPMON included with Axis.

  2. SOAP Monitor included with Axis.

  3. SoapKnox Real-Time Web Service Monitoring Tool Is a commercially available plug-in that works natively inside Axis.

  4. Soapmeter is an open source enhanced version of TCPMON.

  5. SOAPscope is an inexpensive commercial product from Mindreef.

  6. Microsoft Network Monitor included with Microsoft Windows Systems Management Server (SMS)

  7. Microsoft SOAP Trace included with SOAP Toolkit 3.0.

  8. AmberPoint Express is a commercial web services development managment tool. (Free for development).

  9. Eclipse Web Service Validation Tools is an open source plugin for use with Eclipse.

Q: How do I monitor or detect port conflicts?

A: Under Microsoft Windows you have the following options:

  1. Microsoft PortQry Command Line Port Scanner

  2. Microsoft Port Reporter Tool

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