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  • The Java2WSDL documentation says that to generate a WSDL from a Java source

file, one should:

"Write and compile a Java interface (or class) that describes the web service interface.... (example) ... Note: If you compile your class with debug information, Java2WSDL will use the debug information to obtain the method parameter names."

Java only puts method parameter names into .class files for compiled classes (not interfaces), and only then for non-abstract methods. So Axis can only get method parameter names in certain situations.

However, Java2WSDL has an "-i" option that lets one specify an implementation class for an interface being processed, from which to extract method parameter names.

So, the documentation needs an update with qualifying the comment above, and maybe noting what the user must do to get method parameter names when generating a WSDL from an interface; it may save a little head-scratching.

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