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Code Quality Principles

  • No spelling mistakes
    • - Use correct (US) English spelling
  • Comment code
    • - use block comments at the start of the class and before each method - try to think about what's obvious and what isn't obvious e.g.
      •        /*
               ** Gets the Foo property
               ** [This comment is completely useless unless I've never read ANY Java before]
               public Foo getFoo();
               ** The Foo property is used to decide which foobar to use
               ** [This comment is trying to say something more than obvious]
               public void setFoo(Foo foo);
      - Leave a blank line before the block comment - Don't put author information in code.

      - If you think people will need to contact you about the code it means you haven't put in enough doc :-)

      - Clear JavaDoc comments for each method and class - Interfaces in particular should have clear comments for each method - If you can't explain the class or method, maybe you need to refactor - Use @value tags above comments, to Javadocs (and IDE javadoc popups) show the

      • value of constants
      •        /* 
                * Namespace of SOAP1.2.
                * {@value}
               public static String SOAP12="http://www.w3.org/2003/05/soap-envelope";
  • No warnings or errors in Eclipse/IDEA
    • - There should be no import package.* - There should be no imports that aren't used - There should be no unused local variables - Serializable classes need serialVersionUIDs and an implicit guarantee of stability - Or better still remove java.io.Serializable unless we are actually using it - Don't use static methods on instances (use the class not the object)
  • Don't use long lines (e.g. greater than 100 characters)
  • Aim to initialize variables where they are defined
  • Use curly braces on if, while statements
    • - dont use the shortcut if (something) a; else b;
  • If the name of an class or method isn't clear rename it
    • - if in doubt ask one or two other people
  • Always comment decisions you made or didn't make
    • - If you chose one of two options explain why

      - If you failed to do something add a comment // TODO to let other committers know

  • Order of content in a class
    • - Apache license at the absolute top of the file - Package definition followed by any import statements - Class comments followed by the class definition
      • - All field definitions must be at the top of the class - Immediately after that should be the constructors, ordered from most specific (in terms of the number of args) to the least specific (being a no-args constructor, where appropriate) - Immediately after that should be private methods that are used by constructors - Immediately after that should be getter/setter methods for properties - Immediately after that are all public methods - Finally the private methods used by the class
  • Internationalization of messages
    • - Ensure all error and other messages are fully internationalized

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